Should schools be treating the Internet as if it is the most dangerous thing in the world?

Asked by: SuperArtoo
  • Only if they do stuff bad on it

    Some people can do bad stuff so then they should take it away but no need to treat it like it's the most dangerous thing in the world. D. . R. G. . F. . F. G. G f f d d f g g g g f f r g g g gf f r r r tg

  • Everything is dangerous to some extant

    Yes, The internet could be dangerous, But so are everything else. If all a school does is to protect students from every possible danger around the world. Then, They are working to accomplish something that is clearly impossible. Accidents happens all the time. There are bad people everywhere. What schools should do is to educate people about the dangers on the internet and teach them how to be safe online.

  • No, No, And no!

    While the internet can be dangerous, It's not THE most dangerous thing in the world. Schools should emphasize safety and how to properly use the internet without being harmed, But they should also show its usefulness in subjects such as a resource, Especially in things like business, The arts, Studying, Entertainment (Not like that, Get your mind out of the gutter), Etcetera, Etcetera.

  • No absolutely not

    Never should they ever, I am in grade 5 and I bring my phone to school pretty much every day and most of the teachers don't care at all, They're just on their phones or doing something else and they don't care what so ever. That's not my main reason why but its a facts

  • The internet is a bit deadly

    But it is not the devil. Like that guy said. It is helpful. And it can be dangerous like a triple agent. There is a lot of iffy stuff in the internet. Like: Sex, Violence, Language, Etc. But. If you let your students do the searching then set a Wi-Fi barricade.

  • The internet is dangerous but it is not the devil.

    I understand that the internet can be dangerous and there is a need for wifi barricades on school wifi but we should not be having two presentations a week on how dangerous the internet is and how much the internet is and how much the internet knows about you and that all people on the internet are evil and you need to ask for consent if you take a photo of something and a person just happens to be in it to post it online there is no need for the internet to seem more dangerous thing in the world. The internet can be used as a way to find out new things make friends (because not everyone on the internet is out to get you) have fun. The internet should not be treated as the devil.

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