Should schools block certain things on they're wifi

Asked by: Dylpick123
  • Schools should block certain things on there wifi

    Schools should block certain things on the Internet and wifi because there are inappropriate sites, pictures ,and etc. They would go on their social media, play games, and listen to music. Some schools have there own websites restrictions like you tube and only let the children go on the schools website.

  • Yes they should

    There are plenty of topics on the web that do not pertain to school. They are not needed and having them would allow for a few students to deviate from the lesson. If it is data needed for a project of some sort, there should be method of requesting access to certain sites for periods of time ... Or you can pull that data at home on your own time.

  • No i think not

    There could be hackers and strangers and random people around trying to watch porn or something you know what i mean right people dont need that at the schools especially if there are kids which there will always be kids at a school so yes there should be blocked stuff

  • Freedom of Education Outweighs Distractions

    Schools as a principle should be entirely focused on education. If an institution is focused on academics, there is absolutely no reason why any information should be blocked to students at that institution. Granted, one could make the argument that if the students are immature, then regulations must be in place to prevent those immature students from accessing certain material.

    However, that prohibition should not take the form of a universal ban on that material. It should come naturally from the instructor dealing with students who regularly access material for non-academic reasons. Instead of blanket-banning certain information, the institution should explain the circumstances under which certain information should be accessed, and then punish students who access that information for non-academic reasons.

  • Schools should not block things on their wifi.

    Schools shouldn't block things on their wifi because if a teacher dosen't have a password to some websites they can't show us videos to help us learn. Also students should have a wifi so if the school dosen't have enough kids can use their phones for research in class activities.

  • It is unnecessary

    I always get so frustrated due to my school's computers and laptops because of unnecessary restrictions. For instance, the restriction of gmail, I do not understand the point of banning such website. I personally use google drive frequently for assignment and I personally tend to lose flash drives easily. Also, we have major issues where we have get to access to certain websites that teachers honestly don't do anything about. When students say something is restricted, teachers generally don't care. Besides who even looks up inappropriate subjects during school? Nobody trust to check social media on public school computers, they're usually on their phones. However, am in a college prep magnet high school, therefore we maybe have more of a mature students than public schools (Not meaning any offense. I don't really know, I haven't been in a public high school)

  • Schools should not block certain things on their wireless Internet.

    This past week my high school, East Fairmont High, Blocked the social media network, Instagram, From the student Wireless Internet. Why? I don't know. Number one, Instagram doesn't have anything provocative on its feed. Number two, The site warns the user before showing anything that might make them feel slightly awkward. Number three, You can flag/report anything or anyone who might be posting anything offending or hurtful. Number four, "terms and services", Users sign up voluntarily. The point I'm trying to get across is that yeah its reasonable in some cases to block some websites. However, When you restrict networks that people like, Educational, And are in my opinion not that bad. Your going to have some issues brought up, And hypothetical, "hammers" being thrown.

  • There is no point.

    Well other than the fact that schools have a tendency to censor opposing ideologies in general, and the fact that they frequently censor websites which contain quality educational material, I would state no. Only a fool would believe that this even prevents students from accessing this material. They either pull out the smartphones, or they access it in their home computer later in the day. May as well let students educate themselves, instead of dictating the information they receive, ultimately indoctrinating them into conformity and compliance.

  • No blocked sites

    Because if you need a web site that you know is a good source of information. And its blocked then you have to try and find a new source witch could throw a student way off of track. They'er are students who would do inappropriate things but those students are the ones who should be blocked not every one.

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