Should schools block Video Games from school Study Halls/Lunch/Free time?

Asked by: Hellfire
  • Work is for work. School is for school.

    Gaming in school sets a bad example for how life will be outside of school. Gaming in the workplace is not acceptable. If you have "free time" at work, you aren't doing your job. Just like finding a task at work, students should learn to study, work ahead, or otherwise use their time to be productive during school hours.
    You may say that is is too rigid or prison-like. However, people want school to be too entertaining because they have no self control or patience. Learn to make learning fun and school won't be so boring. Gaming will bleed into the classroom and cause discipline issues or cause a student to be concerned with his game status rather than lecture or assignment.
    Before you argu that this will s just a study hall or free time, they can study at home thus "homework". However, with the destractions of tv, hulu, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, vine, netflix, texting, snapchat, sinling, parents, phone calls, sports, activities, and gaming, school work isnt often a high priority. Kids now MUST get their homework done during this time

  • School is a time to learn

    School is not supposed to be fun. While you can have some fun in activities, The only real purpose of school is to teach you things that can be applied to life. No video games while in down time is one of the ways they try to introduce you into the real world.

  • Fuck school life

    They shouldn't block video games i mean its our life we should be free to do whatever we want outside of class and its not just me a bunch of other kids started skipping school because of the crap excuses are principle makes. He says school is for school which is not we need to have some way of entertainment its not fair that i have to see a bunch of us suffer from hard work and what do we get after completing hard work MORE OF IT! Fuck school policies and school sucks btw i started skipping because somebody HAD TO BLOCK MADDEN MOBILE CLASH OF CLANS ETC.

  • Kids deserve a break.

    I'm a middle schooler and I have period after period after period. Lunch is a relief! Some games in school can help kids collaborate better together such as minecraft, kids can work together to create things. In study hall, probably not, kids do need to study, but Lunch? I say yes. Kids would also appreciate having a little time to do what they want in school.

  • Come on no way

    Guess what? Gaming has just been banned in our school. Now fights and brawls are more common, as the saying 'an idle mind is the devil's mind' actually came true. Plus it provided a multi-player platform that would otherwise be hindered by my internet connection. It was really fun those days.

  • Of course not!

    Be honest, kids deserve breaks. At school they are working and at home they are doing loads of homework. Where does a kid usually get a break? During lunch. I am in middle school and I still get tons of homework over the weekend. Don't kids deserve a break? Lunch and other free times at school is a perfect way to relieve stress.

  • No, Because it makes school feel like prison.

    I am a student in school and I think it is not appropriate to block gaming, because without gaming it makes a bad balance. Besides without games how can we grow up to be have a good balance of education and gaming? This would make everyone turn into working zombies.

  • Schools should let us PLAY

    My name is Aaryn Padgett. I go to Matthews middles school and in study hall if we don't have work to do we go on to this stupid site called ALEKs. I think that study hall should be a sub for recess. BAN ALEKS. More fun during study hall. Goodbye

  • School is a prison

    The reason is that you can also learn a lot of things from video games too because SOME actually have real physics and to be honest some people need to play video games at some point in there life. I say that these schools need to start unblocking some of these games.

  • Games Stimlate Minds

    I went back to teaching middle school after working in high tech & entertainment industries. Some of the most creative and stimulating people I worked with were software engineers, programmers, designers, graphic artists, animators, marketers, and business people. Most played games growing up, including lunch time at school. Gaming engages the individual and those strategizing to compete in simple to complex challenges. I've been having kids come to my class at lunch where we have mini LAN gaming occurring. It was an experiment for me. Kids were self organizing, teaming, planning, and executing strategies to beat other teams on a simple online game. These sixth graders loved our positive time together and the group grew by word of mouth. I am sure by being engaged in this way, they are ready for classes much more than avoiding kids they fear or sitting alone being bored at lunch. There is more to gaming than passive other choices and future careers in that industry will need our youth to consider being part of video game development and publishing online and with VR. Let them game.

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