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No, schools should not block websites.

   Being a student, I think it's quite ridiculous that I can't use multiple educational websites because they are blocked. I have to do a lot of projects, most of which with videos. Because of the school's rules I cannot get onto YouTube to find a good video for my project. And come on, how many videos have you watched that AREN'T on YouTube? Very few, right? Imagine how hard it is for a student to find a video without these tools. Also, YouTube isn't allowed to have "bad" videos. Sure, some may be funny and not-school material. But 99% of the internet is. Soon, the only websites we're going to have left are the ones run by libraries. Try to find research on a LIBRARY site.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T00:21:02.483
I can see where you're coming from; however, there should be enough time to finish a project at home. If there isn't, it probably means that the student is procrastinating. Additionally, if there isn't time, instead of working on the project, one could work on other homework that doesn't require videos (not to mention that there are plenty of other sites that contain educational videos that schools to do not block).
"And come on, how many videos have you watched AREN'T on YouTube?" Though true, many videos that I personally have watched are on YouTube, there are still many websites that contain videos that are more specific to education. (The internet is a huge place.) The reason some schools block YouTube is because, though there are educational videos, the vast majority of the content is not.
And really, it isn't all that hard to find a video elsewhere on the wide and vast internet.
"Also, YouTube isn't allowed to have 'bad' videos." That is not true at all. There are over a hundred videos uploaded to YouTube every minute. Imagine how many there are on there. The admins and moderators do not have the time to go on and find every inappropriate video. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of bad videos on YouTube. If you don't consider porn and such bad, then I don't know what is.
"Try to research on a LIBRARY site." Don't underestimate library websites. Though it is true that some do not have the same resources others do, they still can provide a lot of information. 1) They contain searches for books. Every library website should have this. If you can't find something on the internet, why not try a book. It really isn't hard to find something you're looking for. 2) A lot of library websites contain other resources, such as eBook, eLibrary, etc. These are all very good sites that can help you find the information you need. My school's library provides a lot of different places to research. And you don't have to use your library's system. Many college websites provide their own resources for students for FREE. You just need to look.
queen20rulez says2014-08-17T18:58:59.707
Preach that is so true you can never find anything on library sites
queen20rulez says2014-08-17T19:42:20.073
And in response to your first commenter thats not always true i have had projects that have been given ONE DAY to work on it
Kentbennettthebesbruh says2015-04-23T18:06:56.837
Class time is sometimes the only time you have to sift through the huge place the internet is and the teen has to deal with entirely unfamiliar sites. Also if you are a high school student like me you have other thing that take presidents over this such as my job or drives education class or helping my disabled sister around the house or general cleaning required but a parent the total amount of work all your teachers assign without considering a students load that the other teachers have assigned or a sport or extra curricular activity some of with last from the time school get out to 8 o`clock then dealing with all the the other things that need done in a 2 hour period so you don`t sleep the next-ed day and can attempt to to on this massive amount of work the next day by now surely dealing with social stresses and depression is likely and anxiety you may say that the sports are not allowed if you are failing in school but that just limits the students opportunity just because the cant handle it all and no all sports or extra curricular activities are through the school.
guythatstheir says2015-10-21T16:33:33.737
Totally agree with you, the first commenter is most likely some one who who works for a school.
Lowlandnutria92 says2015-11-10T22:09:01.840
Its an infringement on free speech and schools count dammit but still no P0rn websites or deep web sites at all
Buddymmx says2017-04-17T20:43:53.290
David-K says2020-06-24T22:07:42.350
Though the only thing I would disagree with is that there are a lot of videos that aren't on YouTube, Because YouTube isn't really considered a streaming site.
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