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Yes they should

  Coming from a 14 year old I think that schools should block YouTube from school is because they are things thet kids shouldn't be seeing at all. They shouldnt being seeing illegal or harmful things on YouTube. Because if they see illegal things on youube they might get hat mentality of doing drugs or using a wepon or whatever they are seeing. And also if they see harmful videos they might get that idea of killing themselves or cutting themselves and that's not ok so I say yes schools should block YouTube from students but only when they are at school that's it not home
bobby11 says2016-04-06T12:44:31.850
Illegal things? Brainwashing videos that magically make kids want to cut and kill themselves, do drugs and use guns (not exactly sure how its bad to use guns, most people would agree that it would be better if kids learned how to operate and respect guns, and weapons in general, at a young age for obvious reasons).
But for crying out loud, its YOUTUBE its already monitored 24/7 so there there is nothing illegal that they can watch do on youtube, and your claim that a student might become a druggie from watching youtube videos! You're insane. Absolutely ridiculous, and there's still more I could criticize you on.
MegaLakeFTW says2017-02-13T15:01:59.890
I agree we should have stuff unblocked at home but blocked at school
soulessredhead says2017-03-02T16:04:50.903
soulessredhead says2017-03-02T16:06:32.273
Hey bruh. Maybe they can unblock a learning program so you can spell right.
Buddymmx says2017-04-17T20:43:22.073
SteveIsInTheRoom says2017-10-12T17:03:11.797
Ya know, I hate it, overtime my abilities to go on websites have diminished, Worst of all, its NOT accurate!
LarryIsReal2017 says2019-03-12T07:47:47.413
Youtube automatically filters, Monitors and deletes illegal content, It is very unlikely you will find content that is illegal on the platform, And if you do, It's only a matter of time until it is reported.
David-K says2020-06-22T22:10:05.693
This is a disclaimer: There is absolutely no chance that you will start thinking about doing bad things just because you read or watch about it.
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