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My reason for this

  They should block it because we don't need the internet to learn we need our min u don't need to play games u need to get your grades why unblock something that will mess up your computer that why a lot of people fail the eyes be worried on something else then work
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T05:01:53.277
Why block things that are good, like project websites. Lots of those are blocked.
DemonMega says2015-10-28T16:40:39.523
I wish you went to school to learn Grammar and Spelling.
Slimshady2020 says2016-05-28T18:09:33.087
U dum man see i hate people like u take life so serous always following the rules because your scared to brake them.
Dude-With-A-Varia-Suit says2017-10-06T23:26:54.927
Your English grammar is trash. XD
David-K says2020-06-24T21:57:23.143
Your grammar is bad. ;)
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