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I say no

  I may be a student, but that doesn't mean my opinion isn't true. These blocks are often pointless. For example, let's just say I finish all my work on a period I work at a computer, and the teacher doesn't have any new work posted yet. In such a situation, I should be allowed to go on any site I want, within reason. Now, some blocks are acceptable, mainly against pornographic websites, but blocking things educational or entertainment based is just not right. Firstly, most people on a computer in a classroom have either finished their work, or are in a class they WANT to be in, due to the subject, meaning they are going to get their work done, most likely. Very rarely do classes not based on the use of a computer go and use them. Second, people will just find ways around these blocks anyways. For example, going to a wiki site, or using their phone. Most providers nowadays even provide data connection, allowing them to get past the blocks because they aren't using school internet. Third, most of the sites blocked are in one of three categories. They all seem to either be game sites, music sites, or even sites that even have information about games. For example, I just tried to go on a D&D wiki to find a sheet to homebrew a class. I cant though, because the good one is blocked. The other, maybe, five percent of blocks, are fine, things like Pornhub and junk. Fourth, there are several sites that can't be blocked. Namely Weebly sites and Wikia sites. If somebody wanted, they could just put a bunch of porn or games on a Weebly site, and manage to get past the school blocks because if they blocked Wikia or Weebly, they would be blocking important tools for every subject. Fifth, it mutes this so-called freedom of speech we Americans have, by allowing the small amount of people at a school to block whatever the heck they feel is inappropriate. In other words, anything that disagrees with their ideals, religion, etcetera. The whole idea is just a failure.
qwertyuioplmnbvcxawerth says2016-03-31T19:23:36.007
Please make a longer essay about this next time
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-19T23:32:06.237
Our school blocked Weebly anyways
Dude-With-A-Varia-Suit says2017-10-06T23:48:21.443
My school even blocked searching certain things.They even blocked this site that has the Metroid mangas and manga sites in general.We found many sites for music downloads that are not blocked and a way to youtube but I can't even go to a game site for old games.They also have this thing called Lightspeed that slows the comps down. Also, we have these trashy chrome books that are a watered down version of computers.Chromebooks are the absolute worst. I need a certain app from the google web store to run my roms and emulators and they block downloads from the web store they also block the themes for google chrome.Then they have the AUDACITY to tell us not to change our wallpapers.Anyway here is the link to the music sites.Https://www.Mp3juices.Cc mp3pn.Info
David-K says2020-06-22T22:21:16.563
Filters are nothing but a nuisance, Waste of money, And data.
David-K says2020-06-24T22:13:00.900
Filters should only be active during school hours. In the afternoon when school is over for the day, The filter should automatically be turned off. But my school district has it on 24/7, Even during SUMMER BREAK.
David-K says2020-06-24T22:13:58.603
Schools will even go as far as preventing you from downloading extensions or applications, Regardless of what they are.
David-K says2020-06-24T22:15:42.967
My school illogically categorizes anime and manga sites as MATURE. C'mon.
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