• Yes they should

    Coming from a 14 year old I think that schools should block YouTube from school is because they are things thet kids shouldn't be seeing at all. They shouldnt being seeing illegal or harmful things on YouTube. Because if they see illegal things on youube they might get hat mentality of doing drugs or using a wepon or whatever they are seeing. And also if they see harmful videos they might get that idea of killing themselves or cutting themselves and that's not ok so I say yes schools should block YouTube from students but only when they are at school that's it not home

  • My reason for this

    They should block it because we don't need the internet to learn we need our min u don't need to play games u need to get your grades why unblock something that will mess up your computer that why a lot of people fail the eyes be worried on something else then work

  • Yes they should

    Block websites from school because i said so so that clearly means that i should. And they should listten to me because i am me and i say that they should block websites because they shoukd and remember that i say so................So yeah everyone shoukd listten to me! Yayyy block websites

  • Bad websites out there

    Their are some very bad websites out their so their has to be certain websites blocked but they block way to many. Our school even blocks them at home on our school issued computers. I am not a fan of that. People are going to go on these websites at home anyway. There does have to be a few websites blocked.

  • They should block websites because

    They should block websites because kids wouldn't get there work done. They would be playing games before they do any work , they would just straight play games all day & think they don't have to do work. I know for sure that i would play games & don't do work all day because I like playing games & stuff.

  • Yes it should

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  • Kids can be trouble makers.

    It is best if schools continue to block sites that are in bad nature to the students health. A parent might not let them see many thing on the internet to begin with. When you have groups of kids they tent to push each other to the limit and when pushing thoughs boundarys they might cross the line on the internet and see things they shouldn't till they are older.

  • Many Reasons Why Certain Websites Should be Blocked!

    I am a student and I know from experience that the are many students who want to act "cool" and go on inappropriate, unlawful websites when there is no teacher supervision. These cites could lead them to break the law if the student is under 20. Also, social networking websites such as facebook or instagram may destract the students from there main reason for attending school: to earn a proper education to be successful in life. Parents would be extremely upset to learn that they pay taxes and send their child to school, so that he or she could play games, do social networking, etc.

  • Yes, They should block websites

    Schools should block websites because some websites can be inappropriate. These sites can be very graphic for children and most likely for there age level. Such as they see something such as a male or female's nudes that can effect they'er future. Also they can also find games and if it is not a game based on math, ELA, social studies, or science then kids shouldn't be playing it because they go their for an education not to play games. They can do what they want at home but not school.

  • It's just common sense.

    I run a school trust network, and just like any business we have bandwidth constraints and legal responsibilities. Sites can be blocked for many different reasons:

    - We can't have five people using streaming video/TV/radio using all the Internet bandwidth that is required for the other three thousand people to learn and educate with

    - We have top level filters which cut child pornography and other nastiness. Yes, sometimes sites get miscategorised, but this is swiftly fixed with an unfiltering request by a member of teaching staff

    - We block sites with KNOWN viruses on them, to protect our staff and students from having their personal details stolen or our network equipment being damaged, causing expense to the school and loss of learning resources

    These measures are just common sense, and in general schools are much less restrictive than the businesses that students will leave us to join when they begin their careers.

  • It simply doesn't work

    If i can access ANY website at home, blocking them at school sure as hell won't keep me away from the dangers of the youtube comment section of music with the F word in it. The blocks that exist also have more holes in them than a chain link fence.

  • Cuz its horrible

    Schools are blocking websites for no reason. School shootings are not caused by this. Whats the point of having fun in school if they block all websites. (plus school meant, "free time" in ancient greek") And kids would not do illegal stuff because of the websites. I think youtube has educational stuff. How about a rule that says if a student see or hear inappropriate content, get out of the video or websites. NO MORE SCHOOL FILTERS!!! >:D

  • Many of the things they block are for no reason.

    Ex: go.Battle.Io. They have no reason to block it, it has no bad contents whatsoever. They do the same with other .Io games and they don't have bad contents at all. I think they just don't want us to have any fun at all epically at the 2nd to last day of school.

  • Freedom Is Not Here

    I am a student myself, and it is very irritating to find all the music websites blocked. I have 4 study halls over the course of the school day, and it grits to know that the only music I can listen to now cannot be reached. Sure, blocking inappropriate websites is completely fine, but blocking the websites for gaming and music... It’s just not RIGHT. It would probably be a big help to all the students in yuk school if they can listen to music in peace, and teachers/staff are being way too uptight about the whole thing.

  • Kind of on the fence

    As a student, I think that the schools should only block the terrible websites, and not the fine ones. I have tried to go to harmless websites, and they are blocked. I think that the schools shout loosen on their bans but not fully block every potentially malicious website. Some schools just use a robo-blocker that searches through names. I feel that those blockers should be reviewed.

  • Schools shouldn´t have the right

    I believe this because when there is a free period of the day and everything is blocked, what are we suppose to do? Just sit and star at a freaking wall?!?! Some sites, I understanding the blocking but I have gotten everything is done in the class I am in and went to play a game, a harmless game. Nothing with drugs, sex, or killing in it, and I usually play it after everytime I get done with my school stuff. The school freaking blocked it!! This is getting ridiculous, there is no reason for not letting a kid play a harmless game in class while they have everything done. The really stupid part them makes me want to scream is the teachers can be on their phones, even if they should they still do. Or they will be on their computers on Facebook. So whatś the big deal?? Half the time it´s the teacher jacking around. -_- They even blocked the calculator!!! Students need to have some rights and freedom!! #FreedomForStudents

  • Most people want get on these sites

    Most of the people will not get on the sites because they could then have their privilege to be on a electronic or at least that is what they do at my school. Not very many people get on stuff that they are not supposed to but a few do and then they just take the privilege away from them everyone else is good and does not get on websites that they are not supposed to be on but by and good night

  • School needs to not block websites

    The reason why they shouldn't is because many sites are needed to do projects or reports. Yes I understand the only thing that should be blocked is any sites that have pornography. That is my thoughts on why schools shouldn't block websites...Especially educational ones....Thx for reading and listening to my thoughts

  • It should be up to you if you want to be successful.

    I understand illegal sites and porn sites should be blocked. But they shouldn't block facebook, roblox, games, and other websites that are just fun because sometimes if you're done with all your work, you should be able to do stuff you like. Plus, in my opinion, if kids are doing games when they have work, it's their problem and they won't be successful. I belive it's up to YOU and it's your choice to play games or do work in class.

  • Whats the point

    Schools give us internet but yet they block every single thing. So when u finish a test or just school work u get on a chrome book but search anything because everything is blocked. Earlier I tried to play cool math games but it was blocked and i couldn't do anything else

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Edwin says2014-09-01T05:53:34.720
Yes, I think school should block certain websites, because the Internet has many improper websites for children to watch, such as porns, games an so on which are bad to children’s growth. So I suggest that school should use some software like Aobo Filter for PC to block unwanted websites to protect students. Wise choice to block certain websites!
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:54:08.880
Just get rid of all porn thing or make it a rule. Is it wise really, or wise for you.
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:59:06.977
See almost everyone agrees, The majority wins, NO BLOCKING,

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