• THey definetly should

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  • Yes, But there has to be a limit somewhere

    The idea of blocking websites is to prevent children from being exposed to harmful content. However, In my school, A lot of websites are blocked that the students need for information or projects. We have school-issued chromebooks, But everything blocked at school is blocked at home, And they watch our screens. When we log in, We are required to share our screen, But it does not tell us with whom. YouTube is not blocked, But basically everything on there is blocked as well. I have terrible service in the school, So I have to use the school WiFi, Which blocks almost every social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, And Tumblr are all blocked, Twitter isn't but no pictures or videos will load, And Pinterest isn't blocked at all). Interestingly enough, YouTube on your phone is entirely unblocked. They will also block some harmless websites, Even things you are accessing on your phone. It is honestly ridiculous, And I get that it's required by law and everything, But schools need to know when how much is too much. Blocking the websites that might expose children to harmful content is all well and good, But we're high schoolers who aren't allowed on some perfectly harmful sites.

    Posted by: lgr
  • Schools should block some websites

    Some websites have things that kids shouldn't have been seeing.
    At the time of break some students play games and see videos at the computer. All kids don't want schools block websites because they don't want to stop paying games and watch videos at the computer at the time of break.

  • Yes They should

    There is lots of bad content on the internet. The school should try to limit that. I know they can't do a lot but they can certainly help by blocking some websites. I know the school can't block website on phones but an school computers they can.

  • It could lose our focus in class

    As a high school student, We are given more responsibility. And the teachers let us use our own laptops for a reason. They expect us to make good choices, But we sometimes went too far. We played games in class, We check on social media. It looses our focus in class and makes us stupid. Our grades fall.

  • It keeps kids on track.

    Kids can't always be trusted with any online websites that can be inappropriate or harmful for kids that range from 1-17 years old. They can contain dangerous material that can put them in danger or material that is not appropriate for their age. Kids CAN be responsible for the different variety of websites, But not all can be trusted with this responsibility.

  • I think they should, To an extent.

    I am a student myself and I am constantly blocked from gaming and informational websites. But the reason I voted yes is that there are many websites that should be blocked, Specifically of the sexual or violent nature, And anything that could help get you to the dark net. Although school administrators always go to far in banning websites. For example, My school has just recently blocked coolmath. Com. The game website my classmates played in the second grade. And the purging of internet freedom has been turned up to eleven because we now have school issued personal lap tops. Anything that is deemed "inappropriate" by the filters, The principle gets an email and our fate is decided by him. They need filters, But it has gotten to North Korea levels of security. That is all.

  • Yes they should

    Because they just should it is getting distracting and disturbing for people and then some students decide to go shoe shopping instead of working then they miss their homework and get in trouble then that leads to no field day at all or a in school suspension! So yes they should block websites.

  • Yes they should!

    Schools are for learning. Students need the school time to be productive and not just 8 hours of wasted time. If all the websites are open then who the heck is gonna care about math and science. We should all be reasonable and realize fb and insta wouldn benefit us for the long run.

  • No, schools should not block websites.

    Being a student, I think it's quite ridiculous that I can't use multiple educational websites because they are blocked. I have to do a lot of projects, most of which with videos. Because of the school's rules I cannot get onto YouTube to find a good video for my project. And come on, how many videos have you watched that AREN'T on YouTube? Very few, right? Imagine how hard it is for a student to find a video without these tools. Also, YouTube isn't allowed to have "bad" videos. Sure, some may be funny and not-school material. But 99% of the internet is. Soon, the only websites we're going to have left are the ones run by libraries. Try to find research on a LIBRARY site.

  • I say no

    I may be a student, but that doesn't mean my opinion isn't true. These blocks are often pointless. For example, let's just say I finish all my work on a period I work at a computer, and the teacher doesn't have any new work posted yet. In such a situation, I should be allowed to go on any site I want, within reason. Now, some blocks are acceptable, mainly against pornographic websites, but blocking things educational or entertainment based is just not right. Firstly, most people on a computer in a classroom have either finished their work, or are in a class they WANT to be in, due to the subject, meaning they are going to get their work done, most likely. Very rarely do classes not based on the use of a computer go and use them. Second, people will just find ways around these blocks anyways. For example, going to a wiki site, or using their phone. Most providers nowadays even provide data connection, allowing them to get past the blocks because they aren't using school internet. Third, most of the sites blocked are in one of three categories. They all seem to either be game sites, music sites, or even sites that even have information about games. For example, I just tried to go on a D&D wiki to find a sheet to homebrew a class. I cant though, because the good one is blocked. The other, maybe, five percent of blocks, are fine, things like Pornhub and junk. Fourth, there are several sites that can't be blocked. Namely Weebly sites and Wikia sites. If somebody wanted, they could just put a bunch of porn or games on a Weebly site, and manage to get past the school blocks because if they blocked Wikia or Weebly, they would be blocking important tools for every subject. Fifth, it mutes this so-called freedom of speech we Americans have, by allowing the small amount of people at a school to block whatever the heck they feel is inappropriate. In other words, anything that disagrees with their ideals, religion, etcetera. The whole idea is just a failure.

  • Cause its fucking gay.

    Schools should not be able to take away our ability to see everything the internet provides for us, its an unlimited source of power that schools are taking away from the students.

  • Schools should not block websites

    Depending on what website the user wants to be on. Pornographic websites should be banned yes to avoid wrongful material to young ones. But however, if students have free time to do whatever they want after their work is done, let them be. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and gaming sites. Other sites that are pornographic, criminal, or other illegal activity against the law are understandable.

  • Too much blocked.

    They block all of the wrong stuff and something's they block are useful to everyone else. I go on the wrong sites but they block stuff because they just want to because it's not what we are supposed to do in our "free time". I think school blocking should be left to the students to decide what is right and what is wrong.

  • Schools deprive kids' creativity

    Going through highschool was a rough long journey, and to make it worse, my school blocked almost everything, from music to even educational websites, we should not support the need to block (appropriate) sites because there are many sites that are full of creative ideas and can help kids strive in school. Sadly, schools waste time and money blocking music websites, educational game sites, and many more. The reasons and evidence pile up more every day, it is not something the community should support

  • No no no

    If students don't have music, then what are they going to do when its electronics day? Play baby games? Oh my GAWD people! Some adults are sooo mean. Why can't we just get along and have peace? Like the old saying, " If adults were more like kids, the world would be a heck of a lot better."

  • What good does blocking them do?

    Scenario: You finished your work in a coding or computer science class when you wanna go play something on CoolMathgames.Com. COMPLETELEY REASONABLE. You did your work so now you can have a little fun but what's this? It's BLOCKED. Why? Probably because some student who wasn't doing their work was playing on that instead and teach saw them, said "No, No, No" and went to the office and told them to tell the district *cue ear bleeding raspy teacher voice* "THIS WEBSITE HAS GAMES THAT WERE DITRACTING ONE OF MY OVER HUNDRED STUDENTS SO I WANT IT BAN BECUASE IT IS PREVENTING EDUCATION!!!" What can school board do? Either block it because it prevented education of someone who clearly didn't care enough to get that education in he first place OR block it because it prevents education. They would look bad if they didn't block something that slowed or stopped education but no one (By that I mean adults. Student sure as hell would back them up.) would back them up in their justification that "It was only ONE IRRESPONSIBLE student". Just don't block things that aren't unnecessary. Do some research and look at the website before you smack a website with a "BIG HAMMER OF BLOCKING AND LABLE THE REASON AS "IT'S A GAME"" because a lot of games stimulate the brain to plan out numbers for a level, improve their reaction time to hit that target, or to be creative enough to find a loophole of a levels mechanics.

  • No they shouldnt

    I understand if its inappropriate games or certain sites, but honestly as a student I feel like they block to much personally. I get it if they wanna block something that is provocative or distracting but what irritates me is that when im working on a project and I need to search up something its 95% of the time its blocked...Anyone relate?

  • School needs to not block websites

    The reason why they shouldn't is because many sites are needed to do projects or reports. Yes I understand the only thing that should be blocked is any sites that have pornography. That is my thoughts on why schools shouldn't block websites...Especially educational ones....Thx for reading and listening to my thoughts

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Edwin says2014-09-01T05:53:34.720
Yes, I think school should block certain websites, because the Internet has many improper websites for children to watch, such as porns, games an so on which are bad to children’s growth. So I suggest that school should use some software like Aobo Filter for PC to block unwanted websites to protect students. Wise choice to block certain websites!
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:54:08.880
Just get rid of all porn thing or make it a rule. Is it wise really, or wise for you.
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:59:06.977
See almost everyone agrees, The majority wins, NO BLOCKING,

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