• YES!

    Who doesn't love money? Kids don't want to be at school because their parents force them and they HATE it! Bribing would be a help to make kids learn in school. I would say $10 an hour for learning. I find school boring and it would help kids later to pay for college.

    Posted by: bob9
  • Yes, of course.

    As I was scrolling through some of the comments that criticized bribery, I noticed that most of it was centered around money being a part of bribery. Money is NOT the "whole" of bribery. When teachers bribe students it could mean the teachers handing out candy, not even, maybe an extra credit on the test. This could motivate students to do what the teacher needs them to do in order for them to get good and whole education. Without bribery, the teachers will not get what they need the students to get done in a reasonable time. The reward the students get at the end should be thought of as their goal. If they reach it, they completed a goal.

  • Yes they should

    Teachers describe school for kids as "work" anyways, and we're forced to go to school not just by parents but also by the government. If they paid us test scores would go up dramatically. I personally don't even agree with the government forcing us to go to school. If a kid knows the consequences for not going to school (they will be broke and have no future) then they should have a choice not to go.

  • Yes it's sort of good.

    @bob9, that is a bit much.
    Personally, maybe the school should implement a system where, you can get "money" for doing things like score high on a test. Not real money, but fake money that can be redeemed. You don't need to buy expensive things. Just get some candy or something else that someone can redeem their money for such as gum or candy or things you find at a store that are inexpensive. Real money would be overkill since that takes most of the budget.

  • Bribes are Stupid

    No school should bribe children to learn... Most of their education is FREE, shouldn't they take that advantage? I mean yes College is expensive and High School gets rough every year, but it's not the money students will remember it's the knowledge that they gain from learning...Money CAN'T buy an education, but education can buy students a diploma and a new chapter in their lives...

  • Schools shouldn't bribe kids

    Bribery is a form of patronage which is a completely negative thing. Bribery is a very negative concept, even criminal. Schools bribing kids is completely bad. This will cause corruption and disadvantages among schools similar to corruption in crimes and the government due to bribery. Schools should no bribe kids at all instead they should encourage motivation and self-discipline.

  • We need to teach children to be internally motivated.

    If a student is bribed to do well they will only do well enough to receive the bribe, when they are internally motivated they will reach much further. Also what happens when the bribe is no longer there? The students will no longer put in the work. Bribery in inappropriate.

  • Schools should not bribe children.

    Kids need to learn that school is the place they go to learn for the purpose of gaining knowledge. If they focus on prizes for performance they will never get to enjoy how it feels to be proud they did a good job. When a child works hard to get a good grade but cares about a piece of candy more than getting an A+ we have gone down the wrong road.

  • No

    No, schools should never use bribery in any form. Why would anyone want to teach a kid that the only reason to do something is for a reward? This takes away the purpose of education and teaching. This would be a hindrance in teaching children and teens about the world ahead of them, and I believe it would be extremely far from beneficial. No one should be taught by bribery.

  • Bribes Are Wrong.

    Bribing students simply isn't right. Morally, you are teaching them that there should always be a reward if they do things they do not want to do. School is something that should prepare kids for real life and give them an education, not give them false expectations about the what the world is like.

  • No i dont like that

    Because that is actually robbing and sorry but I dont play when it comes to bribing that is not right it is vet mean i dont know why you guys you agree with that because that is very mean and i am nice i think bribing should be ban from the world

  • From a teacher - they do NOT help in a meaningful way.

    This year, my middle school got a new administration. They quickly decided that bribing students with things like candy, soda, gift cards, Blizzards from DQ, free time on their phones, etc. is the best way to improve bad behavior. Of course, only the worst behaved students are eligible for these "rewards" when they go a few classes without throwing chairs, cussing out and spitting on teachers, etc. Not only does it teach all students in the school that bad behavior in life = rewards, but it punishes kids who behave every single day. This is not how the real world works.

  • National socialist party

    So... It's okay to bribe and manipulate people as long as it's not with money? Bribery is unethical by definition.
    Would you consider prostration bribery? Because it is by definition. Is it any better or okay if the exchange isn't made with money? Legally it's still a crime.
    Children are learning.... No, being taught that manipulation and coercion are appropriate behaviors.
    Teachers should do their job as a educator, and not take the easy way out.
    But I could be wrong, conformity worked well for the nazis!

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