• Life is important

    Kids may not die but they can spread it to others. Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Great grandparents. They can die! Also, Many kids won' t wear a mask for an entire day. Young kids will be safer and happier at home. Older kids get to sleep longer. And, Learning will also be quite good.

  • Schools should close

    Schools should close because students are suppose to be 6 feet apart but some of the pictures that have been posted of school corridors and class rooms people are right next to each other meaning if someone gets it that whole class might get it where as if schools were closed students would be less likely to get it by being around the same people everyday.

  • Chicopee in the Red Zone

    Chicopee is a red zone on April 17th, 2021. -Too much community spread. -Dangerous to keep schools open. Red Zone on 4/17; Red Zone on 4/17; Red Zone on 4/17; Red Zone on 4/17; Red Zone on 4/17. Red Zone on 4/17; Red Zone on 4/17. I have nothing further to say.

  • Yeah school should

    Yes I think that we should have schools to close down on Covid again because this would be good first of all it would make young kids safe and happy at home and then old kids will sleep longer and also learning will be great and easy to learn anyway learning will be easier to learn

  • Children are at risk of death

    The schools must be shut down unless we want to expose our children and ourselves to a life threatening disease.

    It seems the UK govt doesnt care about the hundreds of pupils who have lost their lives to Covid-19 instead they only care about filling their wallets at the cost of our lives

  • Virus is spreading rapidly in schools

    So many teachers and staff are getting sick, Not just children, And then their whole family is quarantined for two weeks as well, And anyone they came in contact with. Schools are a breeding ground for the virus, And it's horrible right now. You should see lunch time! Kids are right next to each other with masks off, They are not and cannot be sufficiently distanced. I want everything to go fully virtual! We have more than 50% positivity in our county, And hundreds of students and staff quarantined. If there was a universal mandate, Our governor couldn't ignore it.

  • Schools should close again

    COvid cases have gone up exponentially since schools opened. WIthin a few days of schools re-opeing in September there was an immediate huge rise in case numbers. In many schools there is no social distancing in classrooms or communal spaces, MANY children do not wear masks. In my son's school they are NOT ALLOWED to wear masks in class when sitting right next to other students. At primary schools, Parents take children to schools so children and parents mingle. Schools are an obvious superspreader for COVID - just look at any UK graph of daily case numbers for the week schools started back in September - September 1st new daily cases 1295, September 8th (just ONE week later) new daily cases 2420, Thn September 15th new daily cases 3105, , , By Sept 22nd 4926 - this rise all started the week schools started back. . ANd look at us today - 24405 new daily cases on 30th October. Schools need to close to get this back in control.

  • If you support kids going to school, You aren't a parent or you lack the caring for your child needs

    No caring parent will send their child to a dangerous school where they could die, If you aren't a parent you should be a parent and see how you have to care for your child safety, Yes mental and social health are important they could always go back to school after this is over.

  • We simply don't have the infrastructure to support safe schooling.

    We simply don't have the infrastructure to support safe schoolings such as social distancing in the classrooms and hallways. By keeping school open we are also opening up a single child to a much larger pool of people to socialise and possibly spread the virus. Not to say that not going to school with be fine for kids but its a nessariy risk needed to take in this time

  • Terrible for the kids

    We have seen many viruses in the past years and never have I seen people overreact so violently. Online school is garbage and kids learn nothing. It is a vital part of kids growing up to go to school. If they're afraid to go back, Let them be afraid and do home school, Otherwise, Leave the normal kids to their classes, And if someone gets sick, Someone gets sick, We've dealt with flu many times

  • Mental Health Concerns

    If you haven’t experienced it, Don’t offer your opinion. I was in online school for a third of last year and I learned almost nothing. My mental health was destroyed. If you are immunocompromised than perhaps you can choose online school, But for the majority of healthy kids with healthy families online school does more harm than good.

  • Students need good education and mental health

    My son was online schooling fro 1/3 of the year and he has not see anyone outside the house as i got to the shops and has had hardly and support he never got to see friends or just have a basic convo with a human being outside his house hold this destroyed him and did not help learning at all making severely depressed a consquence of grades

  • Of corse not

    I can't believe some are still selfish enough to close schools to. What about those children living in abusive relationships and School is the only place for them to escape, And those children who have free school meals and is the only meal they have in a day, These are our future generations who need to be educated and get their qualifications to take on our world. Covid-19 also has a significant small impact on children and young people and there has been many few cases of Covid-19 in schools and everybody is blaming the innocent children. Its Pubs to blame.

  • I'm a student, And I can't go virtual again

    I am currently a student, And my friends and I have discussed this very topic many times. We all agree that we are less productive at home & get distracted more easily, And that most of us had a lot less interaction with friends when school was only virtual. When I was home, I never talked to anyone. I just did some homework, Screwed around, And read books. I got very little done and missed my friends. Some countries have kept everything but schools open and had positive results - I think we should keep schools open, With social distancing and masks, And close restaurants and bars.

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shivakumar9495 says2020-09-22T06:14:41.163
School districts across the country trying to complete their reopening plans are struggling to figure out what to do if a coronavirus outbreak hits—and how bad it would have to be to cause them to shut schools again.

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