Should schools disallow the use of school uniforms?

  • From a Seventh Grader

    I understand that uniforms can bring less bullying, and more uniformity, hence the word uniform. However, as a student myself, I despise uniforms, and I believe everyone should choose their own clothes. How is someone going to compliment your clothes if you're wearing a uniform? "Oh, I like the colour of you're polo there friend!" No. Not that people compliment people much anymore anymore. But seriously. I prefer to know someone's style, if they don't have good clothes, well that just makes me want to be their friend more. It makes the entire school spirit brighten. DON'T TAKE AWAY HAPPINESS.

  • Yes, school uniforms are cruel to students.

    Students are already placed in a system where their rights to choose what they learn, use the bathroom and everything in between are not honored. The one thing they are able to choose is their own wardrobe, yet some schools would have that decision taken away from children and teens as well.

  • No, school uniforms have been shown to have a positive impact on the learning environment.

    School uniforms break down the barriers between social and economic classes. This, in turn, results in a more equal learning environment. Gang signs, ill-fitting clothing and distracting styles are non-existant and a greater focus on learning is had when school uniforms are used. In reality, uniform usage should be increased into public schools across the country.

  • No, schools should allow school uniforms.

    The issue of dress is very important to many students. School uniforms ease the issue of competition among students. School uniforms should be relatively inexpensive and allow a certain degree of choice for the students. This has the added benefit of giving students a larger budget for their wardrobe outside of school.

  • School uniforms are a good foundation for discipline in school.

    School uniforms provide the foundation for discipline in school. Like putting on a suit prepares executives for a day in the boardroom, putting on a uniform prepares students for a day in the classroom. It immediately shifts their focus to learning and away from other distractions that often prevent students from performing to the best of their abilities.

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