• Yes, It is Imperative to proetct the children.

    By issuing more background check on prospective employees, schools can significantly reduce the chance of a dangerous person actually getting hired by a school. We have see many cases where expended background checks would have served their purpose. Furthermore there is little reason to argue against expanding background checks. Most citizens would want all safety measures put in place for their children.

  • Yes, I believe that schools should do more background checks when it comes to hiring.

    Yes, I believe that schools should do more background checks when it comes to hiring because people that work in schools are in contact with young impressionable children. Parents will feel a lot better knowing that the individuals that teach and mentor their children don't have a criminal background and won't harm their kids.

  • Yes, background checks in schools should be mandatory.

    Although many jobs require applicants to pass a background check, it is especially important for a position in a school. This is because children are especially vulnerable to predators, career criminals and morally ambiguous people. Therefore, background checks are very necessary because they can help to reduce crimes against children in school.

  • More? How so?

    As far as I know, every school employee, classified or certified, has the same requirements for background checks. At my school in particular, the background checks are Child Abuse checks. Federal Criminal record (7 years) and State Criminal record (7 years), employment records, and credit reports.

    So what exactly would "more background checks" refer to? It sure sounds like a great buzz phrase that everyone can get behind, but I have a good feeling that no one really knows what that would entail.

    Heck, we just lost the custodian on our part of campus (he worked for two days) because his background check came back with a DUI that he had back in August of 2009. If 6+ years is not long enough to escape a stupid mistake like a DUI, then what is an appropriate amount of time. Should background checks go back 50 years, so that no one can change, learn from their mistakes, and move on with their life?

    So I would invite proponents of this opinion to express specifically what "more" they would like schools to do in regards to background checks so that I can agree or disagree with specific proposals.

  • Teacher's don't need mor Checks Students do.

    From what I have witnessed a strong enough back ground check is done on teachers at least in the districts in my areas. I know that stuff has been said on the news about some teachers who abused that authority but those are few and far between. As for students it floors me that districts allow kids to enter the schools even if they aren't legally in the United States. When I was younger that wasn't the case, now it's become all right to do so, and it has caused several issues because of it.

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