• Computes are friends

    Computer science is our future and important part of every single job in the future. Computer can make our life more easy and help us in many situations. Children are the best learners, so it is a crucial to offer them new knowledge, especially regarding computer science. It can only give them good.

  • It is an important skill to learn.

    As we go further into the years, computers are becoming more integrated into our lives to a point where the main difference between people will be whether or not you know how to use a computer. Since computers are becoming more and more affordable and more people are having to use them whether it be for work or school it's important to at least be introduced to how they work. As a computer science student myself in college I have learned many things that could be taught in schools early on that can help kids think of different ways to solve problems that can help with math, science or anything else they may struggle with. Maybe not go full course on the subject but introducing concepts to them early on can really be beneficially to their learning abilities especially since computers are becoming more and more important as time goes on.

  • Kids should be taught a basic knowledge.

    Schools are the perfect place to introduce kids to new subjects that they may not already know about. Nowadays most jobs require using a computer in some form or another, and if not in the workplace, everyone needs a basic knowledge of computers to do word processing, check emails, etc.

  • Tech is the way of the future.

    Children of today are in a different position than any generation before. They have different tools they are expected do to be fluent in once they are in the workplace. Schools should do more to expose children to computer sciences so they can be competitive in the job market. To not do so would mean only the rich would be able to attain those positions.

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