Should schools eliminate buffet-style cafeterias?

  • Yes schools should eliminate buffet-style cafeterias

    Yes, I think that it is time for schools to get rid of buffet-style cafeterias since they provide students with too much food and far too many students do not live active lifestyles. I think that eliminating buffet-style cafeterias would help to fight the obesity epidemic among young children which is why they need to go.

  • Students should bring their own lunch from home.

    Children are not old enough to decide what is good for them and what their bodies need. Adults do need to look out for them and ensure their meals are well balanced. Where possible, kids should bring their own lunches from home. It is not the schools responsibility to feed the children.

  • No, they should not.

    Children should have some say in what they eat while at school. I am not saying we should start giving them whatever they want, but a little variety goes a long way. Being able to choose chicken nuggets over mac and cheese seems fair enough to me. Some of the cafeteria food does not look very good, and I can not blame them for passing up on it.

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  • Other way around

    Schools SHOULD be buffet style. Sure they'd need to give us more time but it'd be worth it. Maybe then kids wouldn't be hungry and if they had to go boxes kids whose families are broke could get leftovers which would almost certainly help them. . . . . .

  • School Buffets offers kids more food options

    Giving kids a variety of food choices to choose from.
    This lowers down the percents school lunch waste.
    What is the big deal taking it away kids coming home hungry because they didn´t want school lunch or other friends taking their food because they don´t like their food. Everyone is happy having chicken fingers, fries, apple slices so on for lunch, just what they want and love. I wish my school had buffets TBH.

  • Yees schools should keep them

    Kids should have the right to choose what they want for lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • No buffet in school

    One time i was walking my dog and i went to the store and got candy then i went back home and ate candy while watching movies ............... ... . . . . . .. . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Reasons: Choice and Freedom

    One main reason is eating enough. When schools serve lunch that is pre-packaged, some students may not be able to be filled-up. Students need enough nutrients to function well. This helps them study and not enough food goes against it. Also, eating buffet style helps students feel more free to choose what to eat. This helps them feel unrestricted from food choices.
    Another reason is choosing. Just making kids choose on what to eat is very important. Kids can make good choices on their own. They can learn which foods are good for them. Also, they can make healthy food choices which will help them in the future. Another minor role this plays is helping them make choices in other things. It helps them figure out what they want in their life.

  • Buffet style eating at cafeterias should be added.

    School cafeterias should serve buffet style lunch instead of standard meals:
    1. Standard meals do not have many options.
    2. A buffet would be a lot faster than standard meals.
    3. About 49,296,540 lbs. Of food is wasted each day at cafeterias and restaurants.
    That's why I think there SHOULD be buffet style cafeteria eating.

  • They should add them

    At my school, you would be lucky to finish lunch feeling remotely satisfied. It would be miraculous for nourishment, and because of that I think schools need to serve more food, but teach of the dangers if gluttony and lack of excercise. Buffet style lunches would solve the issue of hungry children, too, they could eat more.

  • No they should not be Eliminated.

    Its not likes its an all you can eat buffet. They serve you. They should have a choice on what they eat. It's not a pig out its school lunch. They provide you an amount and that's all you are allowed to eat unless you pay extra for more food

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