• Yes, without a doubt

    In today's society, school spirit is at an all time low. No one listens to the Student Government anymore and the popular kids are not running for president. There is no incentive other than for personal "bragging rights" to friends, colleges, and businesses. Class presidents should be deleted as a whole because they prove nothing to colleges and businesses other than that you have enough free time to plan events no one cares about.

  • They Really Have No Purpose

    At least in my school, the class president really showed no purpose. He or she won because of popularity, and really didn't share any plans on what they would do as a class president. None, and for this reason think that there should be no class president in school. The reason I say this is because they seem to do nothing to contribute to the school, but be based on a popularity contest. I admit that I was popular in school, but didn't run because of serving no purpose. If they had some power, maybe it wouldn't be that bad; but there seems to be really no point. What are your guy's thoughts?

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