• Schools should have a dress code

    Schools do need a dress code because the guys pay too much of their attention to the girls when they show too much of their skin. Another reason is for the students to get ready for real world applications like getting a job, a business meeting, going to church or just plain dressing appropriately .

  • Yes,schools should enforce dress codes.

    Yes,schools should enforce dress codes.This will enable students to concentrate on school work and not to always have to worry about what each other is wearing or what other people are thinking about what they are wearing because everyone is wearing the same thing and no one person will feel better than the other.

  • Yes it is important to order

    A school is a public place and the dress code in it should be fully enforced. Without uniforms you are giving students a chance to choose how they dress but you can not allow them to take advantage of this. They must learn to follow basic rules in school and society.

  • Yes, it will foster study.

    Students without dress codes will wear over sized old sweat shirts and ripped jeans that hang low and this is not the kind of outfit that will encourage them to study seriously. So a dress code that mandates certain standards of cleanliness and modesty is a good idea and it equalizes the student population.

  • Yes they should enforce a dress code.

    By enforcing a dress code, schools create a safer more equal environment for children to learn and play together. By keeping everything balanced and fair it lets the children not have to worry as much about bullying or not having the same things as other kids, which means they can study and learn more.

  • Schools should enforce dress codes.

    School should enforce dress codes. This is because of the fact that schools with dress codes that are enforced notice much more compliance and organization within the student body. Students have been shown to be more distracted if they are not subject to follow a dress code. Also gangs use certain articles of clothing that should be banned.

  • These young girls need to be covered up!!!

    Young girls are wearing less and less clothes every day they are more worried about what there butt looks like and not there school work. The boys are paying so much attention on the girls showing skin and not what's going on in the front of the class room.If schools enforced dress codes girls and boys grades would improve swimmingly.

  • Schools should have a dress code

    It is important for schools to have a dress code, but not for random items. Only for items that are disruptive. An example of this is a bare midriff, which is gross, and also, offensive to some cultures, or threats. These are unconstitutional, and as long as all the rules are constitutional, they should be fine.

  • It shouldn't matter

    People (mostly girls) should be able able to wear what they want. If boys are distracted by what girls wear, they should control it. Having to send a girl home just because her shorts are an inch too short is stupid. It just shows that boys have more right to have an education than her. AND THAT IS STUPID

  • No they discourage individuality

    Dress codes often discourage being unique and stress that conformity is more important than being yourself. The same is even more shown In schools with uniforms. It has not been proven that torn jeans or overly large sweaters discourage study. That might be all the individual has to wear, and still the person could be top student.

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