Should Schools Enforce The New No Bullying Rule?

Asked by: mystery104
  • They Should Enforece That Rule

    Because,no matter what peopl think bullying is serious. And just beacuse you say no bullying people are just going to keep doing it. Bullying can hurt kids education and trust in others. It is proven that in most of he bullying cases the victim kills him/herself. And plus the others are even afraid to go to school. It also might make bullies to. Most bullies have experienced bullying him/herself so they want to make other people feel the same way they do themselves.

  • The people who said no are bullies lol

    Bullies are mean. They bully some kids till they suicide. If that happenes the bully should be charged with murder! If we dont stop this your child could be dead at any second. Its a scary thought but it is true! 9 more words... Now 4... Now 2... Now done

  • Why would I say no?

    Bullying shouldn't be tolerated. It can cause harm to the other students and the bully gains. This isn't fair and the bully shouldn't get away with it and should be punished. Bullies only make people's life harder for very little advantage. They ruin your life, so the school should ruin theirs.

  • The people saying No are Bullies

    The only reason that I could think of that someone would say 'No' to this is if they would be punished for it.
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  • Enforce a new rule

    I do think they should enforce a no bullying rule in school becase if they do then maybe more students would come to school. And it would make the schools a better place for everyone. I hope they will make this a new rule so they can make the world a better place for kids.

  • Schools should reinforce the rule not only to students but also to staff.

    I was once a student in this one specific school I should not mention, and as a child i was a trouble maker. I was always getting into trouble. Maybe because I was still in elementary, they just had to put up with me. When I got into middle school, thats when your conscience actually hits you and thats when you know wrong from right. I was trying hard to better myself, but the second I got to middle school, i was the one being bullied. Not by the student body, but by the staff members. I think this was just retaliation for alot of what I did in elementary. I was abit slow in school and had to ask some teachers to repeat what they were lecturing, but at the end I just got screamed at and was treated like a complete retard. I was also getting into trouble with things I did out of school for small things like posting a picture of me wearing a two-piece swimmer on the beach. They forced me to take it down. I was given probation, for breaking down and standing up for myself after being bullied by some girls in my grade. When I was on probation, the principal told me nobody should use my probation against me in any sort of way, but at the end, they did. They took their hatred towards me and they took it out on my grades. I.G, I would get good grades in projects and class work, but as soon as i got my report card i would notice that I was failing almost everything. Instead of teaching children about only maths, english, etc. Schools should teach children about morality. Children being bullied like this will actually grow up having serious problems, I grew up depressed and suicidal because of this. I felt like a loser, having them tyrannise me instead of having to teach me which was right and which isn't. This isnt even about bullying anymore, its about morality. Since around the world there are thousands of children in schools being assaulted, raped and just victimised in general because some adults do not have the right ethics to be teaching children.Hence, in my opinion, i think that staff should be thought how to tenderly love, care, and discipline children properly rather than torment children.

  • Students should feel safe

    If students are bullied, then they are going to feel intimidated and they will not get their school work done. This could affect their grades and eventually their careers. If teachers don't enforce the bullying rule, than there will be more homeless people, and more empty promises from potential presidents. If we want to solve so many other issues, we need to ENFORCE THE NO BULLYING RULE

  • Bullying already isn't supported.

    Bullying is not accepted at schools and there has been plenty done to prevent it. Bullying is not a problem right now, however things affiliated with the origin of bullying are a problem. For example, poor conditions in home life, pressure for success or having to fit in. Bullying is a serious issue and is still (somewhat) ongoing, however it is not the target.

  • Well, I don't know what the No bullying Rule is.

    However, schools have never supported bullying to begin with. It's just what happens when kids get together. It's completely normal. Not to say it shouldn't be punished, but the punishment should fit the offense. Bullying isn't an offense.

    Even back when I was in school (20 years ago when this crap was starting). I was accused of being a bully because kids were "intimidated" by me, because of my size. I never did anything to them at all, but they still thought I was "intimidating" and that somehow made me a bully (in some of the teacher's/staff's view).

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MasturDbtor says2016-02-10T07:38:30.207
I'd answer this question except how is this "new"? Was bullying ever allowed in any schools?