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  • Expel cyber bullies.

    We should expel cyber bullies because they making people kill there selves because they are getting tired of what they are saying to them and they say if a cyberbully is bulling somebody they are hurting in side or they dont have something that person has so they decide to bully someone.

  • I think Cyber Bullies should get expelled.

    1. Because if regular bullies get expelled so should cyber bullies should get expelled too. They are doing the same thing.

    2. Cyber bullying can lead to someone committing suicide or hurt themselves badly.

    3. People being bullied can think that what the cyber bully is doing. And think it's suppose to happen to other people. Then the people being bullied would do it to someone else.

  • Cyber bullies should be expelled

    Cyber bullies are taking it to the next level due to the name calling and aggressiveness . Which is leading to the kids that are getting bullied to start suiciding themselves . Every day more than 100 kids aré planning to kill themselves . Its really sad to here that kids are getting to the low self of steem which should stop now .

  • How are we going to get rid of cyber bullying

    Well how are we going to get rid of cyber bullying they wont stop if they know they are not going to get in big trouble.Over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most common medium for cyber bullying-https://www.Dosomething.Org/facts/11-facts-about-cyber-bullying. Also there is people killing themselves because of cyber-bulling and cyber-bully's shouldn't be expelled.

  • Expell all bullies put them in boot camps

    Bullies should be expelled ,send them to a discipline camp ,make them work hard ,they are of no use in the regular system regular bullies at school are real trouble cyber bullies are complete cowards ,they should have their computers confiscated ,as they waste good peoples lives with their coward and hateful rants

  • It depends on the situation

    I definitely don't think every "cyber bully" should be immediately expelled, this is taking it too far. The punishment should fit the crime, which is to say it depends on what the cyber bully actually does and says to another person. The definition of cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person. That means that some situations may be more severe than others just as in the cases of regular bullying. I think that society has become to jumpy when it comes to certain topics like cyber bullying. Where we assume that a person is horrible for cyber bullying when we don't even look at what they actually said, and instead label them a cyber bully and assume the worst.

  • OVER REACTING cyberbulling

    No the cyber bully should be punished but expulsion is going to far and if it diddent happen at school then it is none of the schools bussines let the cops deal with it. Mind your own bussines and stop putting you nose in other peoples bussines that is what i have to say.

  • Cyber Bullies SHOULD NOT be expelled

    When caught, cyber bullies must be punished, and dealt with immediately, but expulsion should not be one of the consequences. Expulsion is just taking it too far. I speak for everyone when I say that parents can take away kids' devices and ground them and whatever they want to do, all that i'm saying is that expulsion is just not the right thing to do.

  • Most people are just over reacting

    A lot of times people just seek sympathy. Also its stupid how people can´t just ignore the comments or block them. Its mostly just stupidity on everyone's part. There are a lot of quick and easy ways to stop or even prevent cyber bullying that even a four year old can do.

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