• School days are too short and also school years.

    6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Seems too much huh? United States scored worse and worse each passing year in math, science and reading. China and India have better education systems and are threatened to overtake the United States in terms of economy size in the near future. Plus the institution of sports in schools. WTF? I'm against sports in schools, because schools are build for one thing and one thing only: education. In the United States, school sessions start at 6am and ends at 1pm, Monday to Friday. Then the whole evening is dedicated to sports practices, not to mention that the entire weekend is devoted to college games (football, NCAA). Again, WTF? Things are made worse when their people are overly obsessed with sports but not education. Those free times should be used to conduct tuitions, doing homeworks and revision. And the school years are too short. 180 school days per year with 3 months summer break. Look at China, which I recall, has overtaken the United States in terms of economy. Schools there start at 6am and ends at least 9pm with lunch and dinner breaks, every Monday to Saturday. SIX days a week compared to FIVE in the States. And the school years last longer, 280 days per year. And with the high level of discipline among Chinese kids, they even spend most of their lunch and dinner breaks finishing homework and revising instead of having meals (after all, each break last 2 hours and a meal takes 20 minutes). In China and India, sports are completely separated from schools, and kids are allowed to play during Sundays. Taking their radically different education systems and combined with discipline levels, Chinese and Indian kids have 25 years more education than their American peers at the age of 16. Or in another way, a 16-year-old American kid lives like a 7-year-old boy; whereas a 16-year-old Chinese kid have the minds of a 32-year-old man.

    "When Finland was ranked number one in math and science education, I wasn't so worried. But when it's the two largest countries in the world that have fast growing economies and people who are coming out of poverty and driven to achieve, I am worried." - Robert Compton on 2 Million Minutes

  • I think they should

    The united states is the lowest in education. And we need to change that and make school longer. They should also have a year 'round school. Because a lot of times people go in the summer and forget about everything they learned in school. If it was a year 'round school you would have the same amount of break time but it will just get split up. And they wouldn't forget what they learned

  • Yes it should

    Every year America is falling behind the rest of the world in education. What do all of the ahead countries have in common? Better and longer education programs. America was once very ahead in the world, but now 90% of the U.S. population is scientifically illiterate. If the school day time will not change, the school year should. The only people we are failing are the generations to come after us if we do not make this change. Education should be the first priority.

  • 6 hours is already enough!

    We don't need anymore time! We already learn a lot in just half an hour! We don't need another hour. We also need time to spend with our families! Students already start to zone out towards the beginning so increasing the time, wouldn't be much help the the childrens' brains!

  • Many people argue america is falling behind in education

    But look at finland. Their avergae school day is 5 hours and they are one of the top leaders in the world in terms on education. Plus I think the extra hour should be optional in case you want to work on homework and required for sports for like practice

  • I hate school cause i am a student

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaay school is already using up 6 or more hours of our lives everyday and this poll is just saying they should increase the school time!!!!?????? And oon top of that they give us projects and homeowrk like 6 hours of school wasnt enough im so pissed off right now!!!!!! 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😫😫😫😫

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  • School Duration is Long Enough

    When I was going to school I spent about 8 hours attending classes (7 courses, 1 lunch period) and then I spent another hour during extra curricular activities. I feel that the course time length and the time students spend in school during the day is similar to what the same students will feel when they embark on the working world. Since the normal working day for professionals is about 8 hours, the school should be only as long as a professional work day so that the students are not pressured with too much schoolwork. In addition, the length of the school day at around 8 hours gives the students the opportunity to spend any extra hour toward extra curricular activities and sports.

  • No, schools should not extend the school day.

    I don't believe that schools should extend the school day. I feel that 8 hours a day is already enough time to be in school daily and the time that they are there is equivalent to having a full time job. Maybe we could improve their education by reducing their summer breaks.

  • Reasons there are.

    There are after school activities which helps teamwork friendship and responsibility.There is a lot of homework interupting after school activities and the last reason is that kids wont remember because of lack of excersise and rest/break.Me myself think it shoud be 6 hours of school and it shoud start later.

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