Should schools force children to change their diets?

  • Yes, they should.

    I believe children being extremely overweight is a form of child abuse, just as being extremely underweight and malnourished would be. You are making your child unhealthy and unfit and causing them huge numbers of health related problems by overfeeding your child. If the parents aren't handling this particular situation correctly, then the schools should. Just as they would if a child was severely underweight. (And no, I am not talking about teenagers here. I am talking about CHILDREN under the age of 12.)

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Many children do not get fed healthily at home. Schools should use the influence that they have to encourage students to develop an interest in eating well. Obesity in children is a form of parental neglect - sending information on healthy eating to parents could be of benefit. For those children whose parents do not feed them much at all (which is far too frequent for this day and age) it's worthwhile making sure that the meal they get given at school is as nutritionally beneficial as possible to them.

  • It will benefit everybody

    If everyone helps the children with their diet, they will eventually begin to eat healthy. If a parent doesn't have time or just cant raise his/her children, then someone else need to take the parents place. The schools will be the best choice. If the school choose to change the food they have, they will get smartere children. Scientist have proven that people get smartere with healthy food. It will benefit everybody.

  • We choose our own food for a reason

    A student wouldn’t walk up to a teacher and say, “You can’t eat that. It’s unhealthy. Here, buy some vegetables from me. No, you have to.”
    The same thing goes for students packing their own lunch. Personally, if I was ever forced to eat the school food, a majority of the time I just wouldn’t. We eat what we’re comfortable with- and we have reasons for choosing that. Who knows- children have allergies. Sensitivities. The whole act is overall a faulty, dangerous system.

  • It's Too Extreme

    What happens when the school takes away a kid's lunch from home and gives them a school made one? I've known that to happen. The end result is that the kid doesn't eat. The kid in question had the healthiest lunch he would eat, and they forced him to buy their so-called "healthy" food (which he threw away). From experience, I can say that school lunches are NOT healthy by any stretch of the imagination. Fast foods are often healthier than the sugary, fatty fare offered here. (And I mean sugar added to salty things to improve flavor, as you see with fast food). Money is an issue; they schools often get worse deals that most businesses or consumers because they have deals with companies that often short schools. I would never call our food here healthy, even if you do have the option to buy vegetables. Adding veggies on top of an unhealthy diet doesn't resolve the issue. Also, I don't think public schools should be able to force you to eat; that sounds too much like prison. Our children are already under enough compulsion in school--to restrict their diet as if they were in jail is just to turn them off of healthy foods for life.

  • It's not the school that should be telling the kids what to eat.

    I think that this is just a terrible idea. First, a school should not take any part in a child's personal life such as getting involved in their social life. I also think that changing a kids diet can lead to mood swings, eating disorders or changes in growth. Sending kids on a diet is basically saying that your fat and your not pretty or handsome. This can lead to stuff like anorexia because some kids will worry too much about how fat they are and stop eating altogether, which causes more harm then in the first place.

  • CAN schools force children to change their diets?

    A school can serve healthy food all day long, but unless they start confiscating healthy food and force feeding kids vegetables, changing school lunch composition will do little for public health. I went to school in the middle of the push for healthier school lunches and I saw more kids packing unhealthy lunches and throwing away the health food the cafeteria workers put on their trays. Buying food that is destined for the dumpster is a leech on education spending. The money used to buy organic food other healthier alternatives would be better spent on educational programs that will actually help students become successful adults.

  • It's The Parent's Job

    Parents need to care for their own child. If a student's health is being effected by the school's food plan, then the parent should simply switch to making their child's lunch. I know that schools have been changing things here and there in their lunch plans, but to change an entire menu of foods will make more of a hassle and may cost more.

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