• Yes but not formal uniform

    Formal uniform is often uncomfortable and can often limit kids from doing the sports they enjoy. But giving kids the power of choosing their own clothes would often result in bullying. One way we could fix both of these is just by making sports uniform their main uniform. This would result in kids doing more sport which would combat obesity!

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  • Yo, I agree with this one.

    First and foremost, Why do schools make/force children to wear uniforms? That is to discipline them. For in the near future, Their bosses and even crucial situations will make/force them to wear a certain uniform, Just like you said. Another blunder, Standardized uniforms are what makes them acceptable and beneficial to the students/children. For they're the "standard". This, Too, Helps them to build self-control and discipline over time. And that's why Schools should make/force children to wear uniforms.

    Now, Reply if you disagree.

  • No more uniforms

    Most people think you should wear uniforms, But why? Exactly schools should not have uniforms, Because what if you like soft fuzzy clothing? Or things that are not tight? That's what school uniforms are. It's very painful and boring, Besides what if it's washing and you need to go to school? What do you wear? That's why I think uniforms should be banned. I rest my case.

  • Orwell's '1984' was NOT an instruction manual. . . . .

    So, It's not bad enough that we have to indoctrinate the kids w/ watered-down, Liberal, Revisionist history and cultural marxism so they will be compliant little cookie-cutter drones w/ no critical thinking skills. But now we must have them dress after this ideology as well?

    Look people, America has ALWAYS traditionally prided itself on the concept of INDIVIDUALITY. The idea that each person is SOVEREIGN and it's this philosophy that has made the USA into a world leading nation.

    Leave the conformist crap to the Communists, Because we all know that philosophy has just worked out like GANGBUSTERS in virtually every nation it's been tried in during the last 100+ years right? *sigh*

  • No, Although I am a bit on the fence.

    Adults are required to wear uniforms, Or to dress a specific way at their place of work, So why should schools be any different? I think schools school allow kids to retain as much of their own personalities as possible and to express themselves through their clothing. As adults, I can understand this, Since everybody must eventually grown up, But as children, Let them dress themselves. I am not saying that children can where whatever they like btw, I think dress codes are appropriate in somes cases. (Like not showing too much skin, Etc. ) But nothing like having standardized uniforms.

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