• It doesn't stay online

    As a middle school teacher, I have seen first hand how what is said online filters into the classroom. I have seen it become a distraction for students both those who are victims and bullies. The actions become all consuming. Additionally many parents don't know how to handle the situation appropriately, or are not able to offer the types of emotional, psychology and behavior support that a school environment can.

  • Because I said so

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  • Nice Copy and Pasting NO

    I believe they should get involved, because sometimes you just need someone to talk to, or someone to watch and make sure that you are not getting cyber bullied, because it is just a terrible thing that no one should experience. BTW I love all the copy and pasting going on ;)

  • School is unbearable

    If a student is uncomfortable or unable to go to school because of the treatment of another, the school should be involved. It is their duty to protect their students against bullyings, and we now have anti bullying legislature. It is unfair for students to have to go into a building each day in which they feel threatened

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  • Think about it, if the parents won't do anything, then who will?

    If cyberbullying goes to far for some kids, and the schools, who WANT to get involved but cant because of the laws, try to talk to parents, and the "bully", but nothing changes. Then what will happen, suicide, harming themselves? Sure maybe kids wouldn't want the whole world to know about there personal problems but that's why the consulers should keep things to themselves and not telling other teachers. In my opinion if schools cant get involved right now, then they should at the least show the victims how to deal with the bullies, so they can stand up for each other, and f things start getting even more serious, like physical, then the school CAN get involved, with even more reason.

  • Schools should get involved in cyberbulling

    You don't want your child struggling in school because of a bully do you? Well I certainly wouldn't. How would you like getting bullied online and then have to go to school with them when you don't even know who that person really is? So how about we stop it. Tadaaa!!! Problem solved!!!

  • Schools must keep an eye on bullying that goes on in their school.

    Reason one is guidance counselors should be present at any school for the kids to talk to. The students should be urged to talk with the counselors and according to lebanonct.Org "It is critical that adults create an environment in school and at home where bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances." so yes in conclusion schools should get involved in bullying at their school.

  • Explanation for Absence

    If kids tell the school that they are sick and cannot go to school, while that student is posting pictures about how they are staying home today and they don't want to go to school, schools would see that. That student would get in trouble for not attending school cause they don't want to.

  • Because I said so

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    Posted by: dla
  • No, schools shouldn't get involved. There's many statistics ti back up.

    Well, first of all why schools are involve with something that never happen to their school. Also, schools don't have the capacity to solve this situation, who then (police's, parents,FBI) have the experience to this type of stuff. Many principals,teachers,deens don't have the time to deal with this stuff because imagen how many things they have to do ex: (tests,grades,report cards, ect). So why schools have to be involved??????

  • Can't pay of it

    Well it you what to know what the kids are doing you need to what then but on the phone the thing it that they don't have the money for and if they try to the kids and maybe the mom and dad won't pay for to much money to give the school

  • Freedom of speech still exists

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  • They should not get involved

    These situations do not occur in school environments, therefore it is not the schools responsibility to take action. The parents are ultimately to blame for their children bullying or getting bullied. If you give them the freedom of social media, and cell phones, you should take charge and responsibility when it comes to monitoring their actions.

  • Schools should not get involved

    For one it is the parent/guardians job to be dicipline their child/children. Another reason is because it is the childs private life and if they dont wish to have everything public and looked through then that is their right to have. And if the child is being bullied then they should talk to their parents, contrary though i do agree if it takes place on campus then of course that is okay to take action. Finally if we protect our children from every bad word said and every negitive thiught then when they leave the (over) protection of school they will be crushed by the outside world.

  • Schools should not get involved in cyberbullying

    Most cyber bullies do not commit it at school so why do they need to do it when it was never committed. Also they can go home do it even more because their parents allow them to do anything on cyber space and when the victim gets home the computer is full of negative things.

  • It should depend if schools get involved in cyber bulling.

    If it one person bullying a lot of people from the school the school should do something about it, but if it is one person bullying one other person then the schools shouldn't do anything about it. For example, if there is a Instagram page that is known as a "hate page" that talks about almost everyone at the school then the school should do something.

  • School already has too much power over students

    My school has intervened with my personal life enough as it is. I don't believe its fair for students to have the school on their backs even when they are home its quite terrifying and makes you feel uncomfortable. I have gotten in trouble and abused due to school trying to call CPS on my parents for the problems going on in our personal life. They would have gotten me put in a foster home with out all the things i spent my life collecting and end up moving and losing all my friends. Schools need to steer clear of a personal life.

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Anonymous says2013-02-26T19:43:45.373
no schools should not get involved at all because it has nothing to do with them they are just the middle man if you feel physically threatened call the cops