• Children shouldn't be learning old information.

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a school that offered the latest books. However, I've seen family member using textbooks that were 15+ years old. Not only is the information not updated to more current history, these books often contain information that has been revised. It is not fair that some children may be learning incorrect information, because their school does not get newer books.

  • Always. I love books.

    Yes, yes, yes.
    Books are amazing.
    They teach you stuff. Even fiction.
    Fiction shows you that there is other ways to think. They teach empathy.
    And non-fiction can teach you better ways to live, different ways to think, and may even show you how to help a cause.
    Either way, books make a huge impact on minds, and we could ALWAYS use more.

  • Without A Doubt Yes!

    The reason we should have more books in school is they are educational, and people should read books, not play video games. When at home many people need something to do and many can't go to the library, so schools should have more books available because they can read instead of turn to video games. Though video games may be educational, most are violent and corrupting young minds such as many people at our school. Books improve grammar, focus, and vocabulary so overall, books are our saving grace

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