• They should be banned!!!

    THERE EVIL!!! Im doing this for class so i have to say this :( so they are dangerous and school should be based on education and not wasting time on sports. Also the excuse for homework that i didnt do my homework because of sports would be over because of that.

  • Yes yes yes

    Cus we have to for class :(
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  • Oof fried chicken

    If you like sports you like fried chicken. If you like fried chicken you like sports. Everyone likes fried chicken. So everyone likes sports. If you don't like fried chicken then you don't like sports. But everyone likes fried chicken so sports it is. If you like sports but not fried chicken. . . . YOUR LIEING

  • NO schools shouldn't ban sports!!!!!

    Because kids need to be fit and healthy and they shouldn't be a couch potato. They should pay attention to there studies but the should also be fit and healthy. And if the schools do ban sports the kids would be lazy. So this is why I think school should NOT ban sports.

  • I like fried chicken also dude

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  • We become smarter too!

    Although some may think sports is just for physical fitness, it helps with education as well. Psychologists have proved that kids who play sports earn a higher grade than those who don't. It also allows kids stay up a bit longer to finish that last paragraph for their final essay.

  • Sports are dope

    Good stuff many people like sports so don't end them . You should just end your chess team. While your at it cancel the whole school why don't you? I think sports are good for your body and many kids need them in their lives. They may cost a lot but they are worth it.

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    I like fried chicken

    do you?

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  • Sports Should Stay!

    Failing classes because of sports is not a problem. Most school require a C or above in all class to be part of sports. Being part of a team, or just in the crowd bring the team and school closer together. If a student or parent doesn't want to be part of sports they don't have to be. There's nothing telling them they have to.

  • Oh heck no!!!!

    Sports are easily here for a reason, it keeps kids alive with their minds at ease from things like:homework, studying, etc. It even keeps us more healthier to just sit there and only exercise our fingers and hands only, it helps us with everything we need to keep ourselves in action of it. You see, it may waste money, but the thing is, IT'S SUPPOSED TO! GET OVER IT!!!! ECONOMY IS LIKE THAT YA KNOW!!! But anyways, it's not for the money, not for the school's team, it's keeping you healthy and happy. Thank you listening to [REDACTED]

  • Sports should stay in School

    Sports help kids because some people need sports for school to be calm also who would want to get rid of moments like winning the championship with your friends???? My friends play football for school and they have lots of fun doing it!!! They get great grades in school so that is why school sports should stay.

  • Its for douchebags

    Its all just encouraging people to fight and bully others! Its completely un needed. I'm 48 years old and every day i come back to see my son having his face burnt off by sport idiots. Just today he lost his ear so now he only has one arm half a leg and three eyes. He got the third one when they through him into a radioactive pit. Obviously its not my fault i'm awesome!

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