Should schools give a 24 hour notice to parents when giving pupils after school detentions?

Asked by: Auragirl360
  • A rule or punishment needs to be universal.

    A punishment like after school detention is NOT universal because it's not something that can be applied to all children equally. Some children might need to get a bus or taxi home at a certain time, or a parent picks them up before going to work and can't wait all that extra time. That would make those kids exempt from the punishment.
    How would that be fair to children who live within walking distance? They have the possibility of an extra punishment, for the same crimes, because of where they live? That's discrimination.

    Not only that, but for children walking home or getting the bus, it would be much more dangerous! After school detentions usually last about 45 minuets to an hour, so they'd get out around 4. By that time, all the other school kids will be gone, so if they normally walk or bus with friends, they'll have to do so alone. Also it's a little before people usually start getting out of work, so not many pedestrians around either. All this increases the risk of some psycho picking the kid off the street, with no witnesses. Specially in the winter when it's often dark even before school ends.

    Personally I hate any form of detention in schools. My child's time would not be up for discussion. Breaks and Lunchtime are a RIGHT, and I would be furious if that was taken from my child. And I would march in and take my child out of that school myself if they tried to cut into their personal after school time too.
    I feel if a child has done wrong, a phone call home and an appointment with a teacher and the child, and possibly a counsellor depending on the severity, would be enough. If the kid did something violent then it should become a police matter and be out of the schools hands completely.

  • I don't support detentions

    The School should not be able to punish you if you didnt comit a crime.In that case, it is the legal system. If I were a parent, I would not allow my kid to get a detention because it is just fundamentally wrong. I think the people who give out detentions should have to pay fair compensation.

  • Yes, they should.

    It's extremely unsafe and unfair to not inform parents. Imagine if you were a parent and you didn't know where your child was. You would be worried sick, wouldn't you? A lot of kids rely on specific transport to get them to and from the school. What if they miss the bus, train etc? Kids can get the temptation to walk home on their own and that is very unsafe considering how dark it can get in Winter months. And what if the parents have tight schedules? The kid might have to wait for a long time out in the freezing cold. There's no reason why the detentions can't be carried out on the following day. The student is still going to learn their lesson (hopefully). Also, some people use the excuse 'don't get in trouble', but a lot of teachers, when they don't know who the culprit is, give out detentions to everyone in the class. And where I live, you do NOT want to be hanging around too long after school, as it's very dangerous. Our school is surrounded by forest areas.

  • Students wont mess if its inconvenient

    If the student is picked up after school it makes the punishment effective because the parent gets annoyed at tge student because they had to wait. The student wil try to behave better and not get another detention. I belive that if a child gets a dt before a break it should be same day after school but student can text parent.

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