Should schools give contraceptives to students?

Asked by: Conservative4
  • Contraceptives should be given to the students

    MOST of the teens nowadays are sexually active maybe because of the influence of peers or internet. They should be given a contraceptives for safe sex to avoid teenage pregnancy. Let's say that it has disadvantages, But the advantage of this will be a big help for ourselves, For the economy, For our country. Let's stop acting naive about this. We will all get there. We will experience sex.

  • Schools Should Give Contraceptives to Students

    I believe that schools should be able to give contraceptives to all students. In no way does giving contraceptives to students encourage students to participate in premarital sex. Instead, it allows students that would have already participated in such actions the option to practice safe sex. Though not having sex is the preferred method that parents and educators hope for, in the real world people do participate in premarital sex with or without protection, and having protection is the better of two evils.

  • Yes they should

    I think that schools should provide contraceptives to students. It would be beneficial to the nation as a whole if students had easier access to contraceptives. They need to be educated about sex and be safe. Not all kids have access to those materials and school would be the only place they could get them.

  • Schools should give contraceptives to students.

    Schools should give contraceptives to students. I think that anything that schools can do to help the students stay safe then they should do it. This includes teaching students everything they can about sex education so that they will know how to stay safe when the time comes and they are prepared.

  • While it might encourage more sex, it prevents the negative outcome.

    While yes, I would agree that there may be an increased chance that the person had the condom/pill instead of without, we need to take into account the fact that people don't have sex, because they won't get pregnant, people have sex because they are attracted to someone who (rape aside) will have sex with them.

    Plus, even if it did in fact encourage more sex, it won't matter, because we are giving children a much healthier way to experience it, so that they won't have STD's, or score positive on a pregnancy test.

  • Better Access means better outcomes.

    Prevention is better than a cure!! Better access to education and contraceptives means less heartbreaking decisions for people to make latter on. It won't stop teenage pregnancy but it will go long way to support students to take preventive measures. The right wingers claim holy ground on these issues but abstinence does not work!!! That is like saying the earth is flat or that we are not evolutionary primates!! Even the Virgin Mary got pregnant out of wedlock!!!

  • Yes, of course!

    Seriously, this will help cut down teenage pregnancies as well as STD's. Teens are going to have sex no matter what we say so we might as well help them protect themselves and others. The idea that doing this will promote sex is stupid. The more you make sex a taboo the more kids are going to get curious and get planted in bad situations. Sex Education people!

  • Plan B and condoms only.

    Otherwise send the little buggers to Planned Parenthood. Long term contraception such as the pill does have some health risks and certain medical situations make it less effective. Always take a list of every suppliment or medication you take as well as being honest about recreational drug use. You have the power to advocate for better healthcare and that includes reproductive healthcare. No sex is 100% safe, but you can be pretty close by getting tested, making your partner get tested, and only having sex with a partner you can trust. If something feels unsafe, run. If you are forced to have sex, call 911 or go to a hospital ASAP to get an exam, some antibiotics, STI testing, and for ciswomen, emergency contraception. No contraception is 100% effective, only removal of ovaries, but that is not done for contraception, so dream on. Be young, have fun, and be safe! You are worth it.

  • It Would Encourage Unhealthy Behavior

    Giving contraceptives to students would encourage students to have sex early in their lives. If the school gives out contraceptives, they are saying it is an okay thing to do, and they are making it easier for young people to have sex. I don't think I can tell anyone what to do, but I personally think that that is not a healthy behavior for students.

    Encouraging this kind of behavior would lead to more sex between young people, because the schools, who influence our society's views A LOT, say it is okay. And just because students are provided contraceptives doesn't mean they would use them. And contraceptives don't always work. I think students should not be encouraged to engage in these kid of behaviors early in their lives.

    Let kids be kids. Don't encourage them to engage in adult practices like this, because it can only lead to more babies born to parents that aren't ready.

  • No, schools have a limited budget to give contraceptives to students, and if ever, by just giving contraceptives without teaching sex education is useless.

    Each year, schools allocate their budget to certain areas, like in scholarship, sports and other activities. Hence, giving contraceptives to students would require additional expenses for the school which would also result to increase in tax. Assuming, however, that there is a budget for distributing contraceptives, it would still not solve the problem as students are not taught of the proper way to use those contraceptives.

  • No Way, No How

    Sex Ed (strong emphasis on EDUCATION) is one thing. Providing contraception is another thing altogether. A schools's purpose is to educate, not infringe on a parents' rights. These are minor children, a parents' responsibility and under their care. Why don't we just give up our parental rights while we're at it? Where will it end? What next? With the current drug epidemic, are they going to start providing paraphernalia and educate them on how to safely use?! Mind your own.

  • Depends on the situation

    I am not sure which level of school this question is referring to. For the most part, I think schools should not provide contraceptives to students. While schools should have a role in educating students about contraceptives, it is not their responsibility to provide them to students. Also, schools would be exposing themselves to potential liability if they did provide contraceptives to students.

  • I don’t think that schools should give contraceptives to students.

    I don’t think that schools should give contraceptives to
    students. That’s taking it a bit too
    far. I think that it is the parent’s job
    to give their kids contraceptives. The
    school’s only responsibility should be to teach kids safe sex practices in a well-planned
    and well-taught sex education class.

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