Should schools give homework over vacation?

Asked by: vjb
  • Yes of course

    Yes schools should. I think if schools give homework over vacation, because students will be more prepared for next period or school year.
    But they should not load students with too much homework. This way students would lose interest to school, and they would not have time to relax. Some students do their vacation homework on the last day. So parents should control their child's time and spending it.

    Posted by: java
  • Yes, but not overwhelming.

    I think teachers should assign homework during break, but nothing too excessive. Perhaps just a few small assignments to help refresh the students' memory. A huge 10-page packet and a 5,000 word essay wouldn't be necessary, just a couple short worksheets that the students could do during their free time so they don't completely forget what they learned.

  • Your totally right soccerislife

    There are lots of scientifically proven theories and studies saying that the students are more likely to forget over 60 percent of the things that they have learned. And even though everyone hates homework after school end, but its better then forgetting 60 percent and probably lose marks which would hurt your high school or middle school which would probably lose you your job...

  • Yes, schools should give homework over vacation.

    Studies have shown that we "students" are more likely to forget what we have learned during school, and when we go back to school from our summer brake we are most likely have to be taught it all over again and I rather be knowledgable on school work than to forget all about it.

  • Yes they should

    Some schools don't give homework and without homework kids might not remember what they learned. BUT they should not give to much homework. That is why I think that we should have homework but not to much so our brains don't get fried. Maybe like a few questions for each subject a day.

  • Being Forgetful over the Holidays

    Sometimes, when I come back to school from the holidays, I feel that I have forgotten a lot. Reading is also good. So here's a suggestion, the teachers can ask the students to hand in book reports and work on it over the holiday. Usually, good parents are sometimes worried about the children. If they might remember what cumulative frequency was or understand the formula for speed.

  • No, schools shouldn't let kids do homework over vacation

    Schools shouldn't let kids have homework over vacation. I mean, its one of those days where you get to relax before you go after school. I have to do homework over vacation and it sucks. It's the time where you take time off with no interruptions. Period. No more homework until we GET back into school. Keyword GET.

  • WE are suppose to spend time with our families

    Aren't we suppose to follow the ten minute rule I do around 2 hours of homework every night and I am only in seventh grade. That is way over the 70 minutes that I an suppose to be doing. I want to be spending more time with family when I have homework that colleges are teaching their students???

  • Homework is gaauyyyy

    Homework is stupid and is a waste of time. I would rather go outside on a sunny day then sit inside and do homework. Homework does not help students practice because it is almost always learned in school first. Mostly, teachers like senora vakos need to stop being annoying and giving homework everyday. Stop!

  • Rest is important!

    Vacation is a time when kids can wind down and forget their worries. If teachers decide to assign homework over the break then there is no vacation whatsoever.
    This really goes with all people in which they need time to rest. If people do not give time to rest then their brains will cease to function effectively because they do not give it some rest.
    In fact there is studies that show that plentiful rest actually increases productivity and improves performance.
    Rest is a really essential part of our lives, and homework over vacation would just hinder it.

  • To busy for homework

    School's way to easy and is a joke. Vacation is my time to learn my calculus and physics. Screw homework, school's too easy. We need Calculus by 8thgrade at latest. This is why China and Asia is ahead of us. Get off you lazy asses and actually learn something. America these days.

  • We Need a Break!

    Students are constantly being pounded with homework. We have homework almost every day, including weekends. If we can't even catch a break on weekends then the few holiday breaks are all the time we have to relax for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. More and more often, teachers are giving homework over breaks. Do we ever get a chance to relax? Homework over breaks is making them feel more like home school than an actual break.

  • No school should not give home works over vacayion

    No school should not give homeworks over vacation .What is vacation ?It is thir to enjoy to enjoy our seleves and have rest behafe of it . So all schools must now it so school should not give homeworks during vacation. As my opinion school schools should not give home works over vacation

  • Vacation is for resting, not working

    Do schools not know what vacation is?! Vacation is when we are supposed to get away from work and relax. Not work! If students don't get the chance to rest, possibly one or more could literally die from exhaustion! Again, don't schools know what 'taking a break' is? It means to rest and stop working, not cancel school and give more paperwork and studying.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Kids already have enough on their plate as it is during the school year; they have to worry about other issues besides school work. Vacation time is called that for a reason: Kids need to be able to relax!! Quit overwhelming them with endless amounts of work. Brains need vacations too.

  • They may miss out on their vacation

    Some people go on vacations with their families on school breaks, and they may be out doing stuff the whole time and not get to do it, or they have to spend their vacation time doing homework. Who wants to spend money on a trip and then spend it working?

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