• Yes, But not too much.

    School should give you homework but not that much because too much can:
    Too much homework can give you stress
    Take away family time
    Homework reviews concepts taught during class
    It gives parents a chance to see what you’re working on in school
    You can get an earlier bedtime

  • O m g

    Yes us kids love homework 23.8% of a class of 18 love homework (real 5th grade data) and we all want to keep homework just hand out homework passes so they don't have to do homework the night they use it blah blah blah blah ok lets keep homework please!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, students should get homework from school

    Students should have to do homework at home because it not only keeps their minds working while they aren't in school, but keeps them busy so they have a harder time getting into trouble. It's important for students to continue to work with their minds even after the school bell rings in order to not lose interest in school.

  • Make Homework Worth the Time It Takes

    Yes, schools should give students homework, but teachers should go out of their way to make sure the homework they assign is not just busywork. When sixth graders end up spending hours to color maps, they are wasting their time. Homework that makes students read, research and think is valuable and should be continued.

  • Yes, homework is essential

    While teachers should not give students hours of homework each night, some individual study outside of class is essential for learning the material. Material done outside of class forces the student to think critically and use the skills he learned in class. This practical application of skills and learning helps the student understand and remember the material.

  • Yes, schools should give homework to students.

    Few students enjoy homework, yet such work helps them apply the lessons the learn during the school day. By applying the lessons in practical exercises, they master the skills, much in the same way that drills in sports help athletes master the sport. Homework also teaches students to be responsible, for at home no teacher is standing over them ensuring that they complete their assignments.

  • Homework helps students to apply concepts they learn.

    Students should have homework for them to apply concepts they learn in the classroom. Homework is a more involved form of learning than simply listening to a teacher, because homework is interactive and doing rather than listening. It also helps students to learn techniques such as critical thinking and research, which is important for the real world.

  • Homework is fine, Until it's too much.

    Many teachers use the "10 minute rule" where the amount of homework each student does should be their grade times 10 minutes. For example, An 8th grader should have 80 minutes of homework. That's pretty reasonable, Until you realize that the average high school student takes 8 classes. If the student is in 12th grade, He/she should receive 2 hours of homework. However, What can happen is that the teachers won't realize that the other classes assign homework. That way, If 3-4 classes assign homework according to the "10 minute rule", Then the student will have 6-8 hours of homework. If school ends at 2:30, Then the student will be done at 8:30-10:30. That doesn't seem bad, But it doesn't include an hour for dinner or any after school actives. If each student has that much homework, It will discourage them from doing any actives or even from hanging out with friends, Which will have negative effects on their mental and physical health.

  • What is homework?

    What lessons are there to apply to every day life? Obedience? Conformity? Submit to absolute authority?

    I know what people think: "But how will they ever learn the quadratic formula?". Simple. Let them teach themselves. Give them the guide and the resources, and students will out-learn every previous generation. I remember a comment from Ron Paul's theory on public education- Give a child YouTube, books, and Wikipedia, and the child will eagerly accept the challenge.

    You see, homework is only necessary for the -modern- system of education, the indoctrination system force fed to our children in order to produce the "machine" of society. When our children could spend their time developing immaculate minds, we standardize their minds through busywork- homework.

  • Not all homes are the same

    Homework can actually be a disadvantage to many children. Their parents might do it for them. They might get other students to copy their answers or even pay them to do it. Many might live in neighborhoods or even dysfunctional homes where homework is not doable. Schools are meant to be the educational environments and the learning should take place there, not over the weekend

  • No, it's pointless

    Homework is often just busy work and is just there to give the teacher something to grade. If the teacher wants the student to apply what he or she has learned, they should have those assignments completed during class hours so that the teacher can help in the process. That's the whole point of school, after all.

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