Should schools give more emphasis to emotional intelligence than academic intelligence?

  • Empathy is key

    It is important to teach kids how to have healthy interactions and be socially involved. So much potential is wasted by this fixation on academic success. Not everyone can thrive in an environment so obsessed with success for the sole purpose of succeeeding. That's why kids hate school. There is so much pressure to do well, It's easy to lose sight of what's really important in life. The most important skill one can have is to connect with others.

  • The important things are not always measurable by data

    In this world of constant tracking of exam results, Pupils become little more than numbers and statistics that can be manipulated and stretched any way they can be. A good school needs to emphasise the important qualities of trust, Reliance, Resilience, Empathy, Kindness and good humour. But how are they measured/? Quite simply, These are qualities that can be taught and learned but they are not given certificates at the end of the school year. They are the most important skills that are needed in life and can help people to get jobs and successfully navigate their way through life. An exam in emotional intelligence is not competitive ( nor desirable) but we should certainly reward those people who have developed those skills. KNowledge about self as well as inter-personal skills can be taught but schools just do not have as many opportunities to teach this unless they rein back on the academic treadmill that pushes most pupils into exam classes instead of focusing on their well-being

  • It really depends

    But if it means having a MOOD METER in EVERY SINGLE CLASSROOM, Then BIG NO! Schools should teach stuff like how to manage money, Stuff that you will ACTUALLY NEED when you grow up. Schools should not teach this wishy-washy "feelings" stuff that comes with the mood meter. That's it.

  • Kindness cannot be taught in schools

    There is no way to measure kindness. Do you use community service or compliments spoken? Because you are forgetting about psychopaths that have no emotional empty.
    You could show them a animal in pain or a person crying and they do not care. They feel no remorse and they can harm others if they wanted to.
    The scary part is that they can emulated emotions they can learn to cry on the spot and fake smiles. So your school of emotion would make spotting them even harder.

    And school need math and science. I need my machine to work and I need smart people to run things. If I need moral or emotional support I will go to a pastor or something. I need my mechanic to be able to fix cars not to give me a hug.

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