Should schools give more field trips to students?

Asked by: Tommy2013
  • Pupils need a break

    Often, adults don't understand how stressful school and exams can be for pupils. Obviously, everyone deals with stress in different ways; some have a bath, some do sports, some talk to others about it. But we need to give children the opportunity to deal with stress. Some pupils may not have access to leisure activities so the school must provide them.

  • I agree so.

    It has been proven that students learn much more from field trips than reading textbooks all day. In this wildlife field trip I went to, I learned the way birds eat compared to utensils. We transitioned to four different stations in four different groups. After the first two, we have a lunch break with all groups together. After the last two, we get into a car (this time, it's eight groups) that a student's parent drove and we interact with each other using real walkie talkies. In both my groups, my boy (why not my girl one?) best friend was with me. I learned so much, and after we got out, we were in two different groups (still with my boy best friend) in two different areas. My group saw an actual garden snake! We spotted different kinds of birds, and we found out what they were. I LOVE IT! Best field trip of my life.

  • Yes, they should

    I agree that schools should give kids more field trips. I am not talking about 10 times a year but students need to have an actual experience. Instead of dozing of in class, they can instead see it and learn it. This will help children to understand and learn faster.

    Posted by: ng
  • "Walk Ten Thousand Miles, Read Ten Thousand Books" - Duke President Richard H

    This quote is originated from a Chinese saying it basically means you can learn by read ten thousand books but you can learn more by walking ten thousand miles. Physical experience, observation, the smell, the feel and the vision will stay in young people's minds long after the words have faded. So in short, you want your children to learn about rocket science take them to NASA.

  • We went of 4 excursions per year in Primary school and a 5 day sleep away camp each year.

    Kids benefit from hands on education and really experiencing what they do. If they are studying living in the olden days its great to visit a historical village or take them to see the dinosaur bones at a museum when studying dinosaurs and so on to help them really understand and get into what they are learning.

  • No way way

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