• We need more homework.

    Every student if afraid that they are going to fail on the test. But which students really do fail the test? Those students are the students who don't do their homework. Homework is just reinforcement on a topic. That means the more homework you do, the better you would learn the information, the better you would do on tests. Homework is also the same thing as studying.

  • No to homework

    YES! Children go to school an average 7 hours a day. They are then expected to spend an hour per subject doing homework with an average of 6 or more subjects. They are expected to get at least 9 hours of sleep a day. This leaves 2 hours a day to spend time with family, extra curricular activities, sports, or even jobs which some students need or are required to have by their parents.Kids have too much. Teachers have started giving it as a punishment and that is despicable. We kids/students have lives and too much homework takes time away from the things that we kids do.While some amount of homework in each class per night is understandable, the amount of homework that is assigned daily nowadays is reaching an extreme where students do not have enough time nor energy to do a thorough job for each class. Because of this, cheating and a lack of interest in education occurs, since students become so stressed and preoccupied that they miss the big picture of what schooling is all about: becoming a lifelong learner.

  • School should not give out more homework

    One piece of evidence is kids should be allowed to hange with friends if they give more homework then kids can't hange with there friends. Another piece of evidence is people have to do chores help mothers and other things. My last piece of evidence is they don't give us recess and they want us to be active. This is my opinion why schools should not give more homwork.

  • More effective; not more.

    I am voting no. I believe homework is important, however I do not believe our teachers are sending our children home with the correct kind of homework. Homework should be a chance for these kids to test what they learned in class and be able to put it into real-life practice. Math problems? Give them a project at home that pertains to the lesson that day in class!

  • Homework is a flawed concept.

    While finishing classwork at home voluntarily is understandable, work assigned purely for completion at home is ridiculous. An absurd amount of time is already eaten up by school, often simply a filler day in which nothing of note is accomplished. Extending this into a student's personal time is a stupid way to attempt to teach.

  • Sometimes the amount of homework is too much.

    I don't think there should be more. I know from a personal standpoint that teachers assign too much at times. And what's worse is that I feel as if they think they are the only ones giving us homework. And when you work two jobs and then teachers give you a lot of homework, it can get very stressful. I'm one of the ones that doesn't do homework. I don't see the need. I get the information and pass most tests. And homework is not the same as studying. One is mandatory and the other is optional.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-01-28T13:43:27.277
I think sometimes, it's not about the quantity of homework, but about the quality. Some teachers give homework, but the question types are completely different from the ones that will appear in the public exam. Others have marking schemes that do not fit the ones found in public exams. Students shouldn't be given more homework; rather, they need homework that is more directly related to what they will see in the examination hall.