• Most are missing the point.

    Schools are not giving out condoms to promote sex. It is to promote safe sex due to an extremely high rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. This is a health issue; if it wasn't then there wouldn't be this debate. There is very little evidence to support that giving out condoms increases sexual activity.

    Schools are not just going to give out condoms to all students without proper discussion about sex education and sex practices. Likewise participation in these classes/session as well allowing students to receive condoms in school will be done with parental permission with parents having the right to refuse their child to partake.

    It is all good saying that students should go to their parents to seek advice and guidance about sex and sex education, but that is what has been expected for a long time, and it is clearly obvious it is not working. Therefore school allows a safe and comfortable environment where professionals are able to discuss these things with students. Many parents do not have the proper education to give good advice to their children especially in low social economic status areas.

    Those children who are fortunate enough to have parents who have significant knowledge and can talk to their children about sex should not have a problem with condoms being given out in school. Most of the people disagreeing on here say that their children should talk to you about sex, however if they do then giving them a condom will have no effect on their choices of having sex/safe sex causing no real issue. On the other hand if your child chooses not to talk to you, at least they have gained knowledge and have protection in case they do choose to have sex. If you had a problem with your child bringing home a condom, what message are you sending your child?

    Before anything, it is not solely up to the male to be responsible for providing the protection. It is up to both the male and the female to make sure protection is worn. Therefore knowledge and protection should be given to both genders.

    If children want to act like adults then they should take adult responsibility. Easy enough to say, unfortunately does not happen. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have this issue. With sex still a taboo subject in many homes and schools, lots of students do not receive sex education until they are in their later years of schooling. How are these students able to make adult informed decision when they have little knowledge on the subject? We cannot expect them to be adults, they are children. Children are more likely to make mistakes and make poor decisions, how can we punish them by not providing them with the proper support and knowledge they need and if this means giving them condoms then that is something we need to do.

  • Face Reality

    Kids will have sex and kids are not the most critical thinkers. Condoms should be accessible to high school students for free. The alternative will be kids still having sex, but with the risk of pregnancy or STDs. While some students will be wise enough to purchase their own forms of contraceptives, the majority will not.

  • I think they should.

    I don't think that giving condoms to high school students is telling them to go ahead and have sex. It is giving them the ability to make the right choice if they do decide to have sex. I would rather my kids have access to condoms at school and not use them, than be too embarrassed to buy condoms and get someone pregnant.

  • Let's be Realistic

    While I understand that we don't wish to encourage sexual behavior in front of teenagers, and that abstinence is the ideal, we need to understand that not every teenager is going to follow that. Remembering my teenage years, I well remember how it was having these adolescent hormones raging through me. I also was fortunate enough to have a well rounded education that taught me, not only about the risks involved, but ways in which these risks can be minimized of avoided. This helped me to make the right decisions in regards to sex. Handing out condoms doesn't encourage or endorse sexual behavior so much as give young people a means to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease should any of them give in to their urges. Teenage sexuality has existed as long as their were teenagers, and no matter how many times we teach them to wait until marriage or abstain from sex, there are always going to be those who won't listen. And they should not be penalized with an unwanted pregnancy.

  • They will do it no matter what

    They are going to do it whether you give them condoms or not. So you might as well just make sure they are safe. You are not encouraging them. You are preventing them from pregnancy and STD's. They will do it anyway, so why not make sure they are safe?

  • These students aren't stupid.

    They are going to have sex- if schools give them the condoms or not. Yeah, they may be embarrassed to buy condoms, but why is that? Because society puts a label on them as scum if they are having sex outside of marriage or a relationship. Would you rather students steal condoms? Would you rather continue to have an issue with teen pregnancy? Do you want your 16-year-old to have to live with HIV and monitor everything they do and have to take dozens of medications and vitamins to keep themselves healthy? This is not a "green light" for teens to have sex- if they are going to have sex, they will. Instilling a sense of self-respect will keep your teen from sleeping around, but providing condoms will help keep students safer in their intimate lives.

  • Schools should let students have condoms if they so desire.

    Many students, about 70%, will have sex at some point within their high school careers. Granted, that number is declining rapidly over the decades, but it will never reach zero; not so long as teenagers are themselves. Sex is a natural part of life, its how we were all made, and people are going to have it. Some because you tell them not to, others because they're pressured, and so on. A lot of schools provide 'abstinence-only' programs for students to be in, and others don't have any means of teaching students about safe sex. There are a lot of things wrong with society today, and this is one of them in my opinion. Students, if they so desire, should be allowed to have condoms. If they don't get it from school, they'll buy it form the drug store. Ether way, teenagers have sex. It's life.

  • Think about it.

    Your kids are not gonna tell you every single detail that goes on in their life. Sex is one of those things. You should support the fact that your kid's school would give free condoms to ensure the safety of their students. Not saying they shouldn't practice abstinence, which I'd prefer, but you can't force them. You are two different people. The message that condoms are being given at school sends shouldn't be,"we're giving you condoms, now go have sex". It's meant to be, "Hey, if you're gonna go out and have sex, we want you to be safe while doing it.

  • Students should have them!

    Many teenagers have sex. This is a fact that everyone knows. And I don;t know about you but I would rather have them have safe sex than having the girl get pregnant or either one getting an STD. Now schools shouldn't just give them out for free. Like if a student asks for one the school gives a condom to a couple no questions asked. There should be like counseling sessions or something. This isn't something that kids should be rushing into. It would make me feel better to know though that they are having safe sex compared to having sex without condoms.

  • Yes They Should!

    By comparison, in schools reporting lower HRC use, the percentage of sexually active teens decreased from 61 to 56 percent, while condom use a last intercourse rose from 57 to 61 percent. Non-program schools showed an increase in sexual activity among teens, while condom use increased from 62 to 65 percent.
    An increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS, among adolescents has prompted many communities to take action to protect their youth. One proven method is to provide comprehensive sexuality education along with school based programs that make condoms available to sexually active youth. Numerous national health organizations have adopted policies in support of school condom availability as a component of comprehensive sexuality education.

  • You don't understand!

    I am a teenager in high school I have had sex and I regret it I did not understand what I was doing most are just having sex to be having sex. Sex should be an emotional connection between a man and a woman who love each other. People have turned something beautiful into a disgusting thing.

  • Taxpayer, hello!

    Schools are funded to educate and facilitate children to produce for society in the future, not encourage and equip teens to be irresponsible and have sex. They should push good decisions and making something out of yourself. Most of all though, taxpayers shouldn't pay their hard earned money for kids to have sex. End of story case closed.

  • They are still minors!!!

    I get that if two young kids are going to have sex, they are going to whether they have a condom or not! The fact of the matter is, having sex under age is illegal in most states. Now with that said, if a teen wants to smoke pot, they will find it to participate in the illegal act. That doesn't mean we should start handing out joints at school, just so they can smoke "safely".

  • Maturity Level .

    If teens are too embarrassed to get them, then they are too immature for sex. Not only that, but it is not the school's responsibility to give it to the teenagers. It's the teenager's responsibility to go get a condom if they are taking the responsibility to have safe sex. It's a personal choice that does not involve the school.

  • No, schools should not give out free condoms.

    Schools should not give out free condoms if the taxpayers have not voted this in. There are other places to get free condoms such as the health department or Family planning locations. The way a family chooses to teach their children about safe sex or abstinence is a right the school should not be involved in. Handing out contraceptives is getting involved.

  • Schools should not pass out condoms!

    The parent who says, "Yes, I want the school to give my kids condoms," is saying to their children, "I know you are going to have sex regardless of what I say." Kids are not stupid, they see the tacit approval given here so the door is open for them. How much sense does that really make? We should be giving them one clear message from all sides that sex outside of marriage is wrong and has many potentially costly consequences. Help them make the right choice and stop making excuses for them. Parents should take the responsibility of teaching their children appropriate behavior, modeling it for them, and the schools should be backing that up, not undermining it.

  • Stupidity is Contagious

    By giving out condoms they're essentially telling students they can't make correct, responsible decisions. These blinders force students ino thinking they're irresponsible, thereby forcing their acceptance of irresponsible lifestyles. If we would hold people to higher standardsand provide them support thy would answer the call. This country has subscribed to a victim; helpless mentality from which they'll never recover. Therefore everyone has to be treated like babies. That's alright though because when the S.S comeback the nanny state is easier to slaughter; i.E France. And it all starts with not holding students to lower standards.

  • Dont rush your life

    Take things slow. You are still younger and have time to do many things when you get older. If you do everything that an adult does while you are younger then when you get older you wont have nothing to experience. Wait on sex , its not going anywhere. Go out and enjoy your time with your friends at the movies or mall or be chilling with a friend watching a movie, but dont involve sex.

  • It's not the time

    If the schools give out condoms to their students it just encourages them to have sex when they should just wait, it's not the right time to be having sex the students should be focussed on their school work and their homework not having sex! Teachers should also know that their encouraging their students to have sex instead of using that time to study!

  • No, not at all

    They should learn to have sex and have responsibility for that by them self. I know it is safe to have condom in the school for free or for sale, But come on, we did not have and is not our responsibility to support them all the way for them having sex. They must learn to bring there own.

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