Should schools grade students only on their academic performance?

  • School is pointless anyway.

    We can learn all of this from the internet, And if they graded us on how much talent we have in one specific area, It's just dumb. I can maybe see highschool but otherwise. . . I don't know. I believe schools should allow children to be free in their decisions and how much effort they put towards their future.

  • Of course they should.

    What else are they going to grade students on, Happy thoughts, Or big imaginations? Fact is, Students are there to learn things that will be important in life after school. The more you learn, The better you will do after you graduate. Your first employer or further educator (college/university etc) want people who know and don't really care about other factors.

  • Behaviour is the saviour, But never gets a prize.

    Students usually suffer from anxiety from lack in good grades which leads them to be quiet and well reserved (good student). If teachers looked into a students behaviour it can either damage their grades which will teach them not to misbehave, Or increase which will give depressed students courage.

    In Addition, Would you really want a bully to get a high grade? Well actually this could happen because there are many intelligent bully's out there, It is to the point that if a bully behaves in a cruel manner but get a good grade the victim will feel doleful of themselves.

  • Learning from the Internet

    Although we can learn on the internet, How can the internet know if we are either cheating, Rushing, Or getting the work all done by a professional? By having talent in one specific area, We can help others who are having trouble in the same area. The Internet can teach many things, But at school, We can learn to work together.

  • No, School merely pollutes an infants mind.

    Schools should not grade students solely on their academic performance, This proves absolutely nothing, Everybody has been born with the faculty of memory and can very easily read and repeat things, All schools tend to do is distract ones mind from the real problems and truths in the world, And furthermore bombard their mind with a vast array of subjects, Subjecting these students to stress, And confusing, Only to follow the systematised way off life, Preparing one for his future endeavour which will be slavery/work after University, You do not "become" anything just because you have a certificate and have underwent the universities course, Many people are infact more qualified and well versed from her own learning, However they are not publicly allowed to practise their craft due to the government regulations. True wisdom arises from observation and instilling upon ones mind the processes of thinking, And showing oneself their true path, If money were no object, Would school be compulsory? I believe that education should be chosen and one should choose his path wholeheartedly, Not cram his mind with many meaningless things which he soon forgets, How many of you remember anything from school?

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