• It is the most important class for me!

    Many will argue "Band is irrelevant!", but I can say that is a lie. Band has made my life meaningful (I am going to be a music educator) and that should not be overlooked. Band is the most important class that I have, and I mean it. I have A's in every class, even without honors or AP credit. I do not take easy classes, either: I am in AP Human Geography, Honors English, Honors Biology, Honors Algebra II, and marching and concert band (In 9th grade). Next year I plan to do Honors Geometry, Honors English II, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, Latin I and II, and obviously marching and concert band. I credit my success in these classes greatly to my experiences in band. It may sound cheesy, but band has made lasting memories and overall a huge impact in my life.

    Posted by: Igbo
  • Kids Who Take Band Get Smarter

    It has been scientifically proven that kids in a band class are able to take in information quicker, allowing them to learn more, making them smarter. Take me for an example. I am in band, and so are most of my friends. Almost all of them are in at least one honors class.

  • Schools need band.

    Band is helpful for the brain. Some kids need to take a break from all the boring math stuff. Schools have band because kids need music I'm in 6th grade and I'm in love with music and so are other people, but a lot of people don't like music. That's why I think schools should have band.

  • Yes schools should bring band back.

    Students need band. We sit for seven hours straight doing absolutely nothing, but taking notes. Music helps developed brains, and can train eyes to focus better. When you have to hold an instrument and watch your music, it helps you to keep your eyes trained on the music, so yes schools should bring back band.

  • No.School bands would have the students attention instead of the students focusing on their work instead of focusing on the school bands.

    To those who are having bad grades,imagine what you would be like if you would have to go back a grade where you would have to do learning that you already know!!!!!!You would have a great life with a job , a wife , and also a good great car...

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