Should schools have a video game center to help students learn in different ways?

  • Yes but a caveat

    They should. Unfortunately i don't trust them to do it intelligently in a way anybody cares about. What makes sense: something like mortal kombat, COD, etc. what they'll do: washed down, sanitized educational garbage game you'd be embarrassed to play. Plus they would probably make it only accessible after school(unusable or irrelevant for everyone), instead of when you're frustrated with an irrelevant core class like math(where everyone's been at least once) and need something else so you don't do something destructive. "educational" games would be the dumbest possible thing they could do with this. Just like fresh food in schools: the right thing to do that'll never be done or done right by big blundering ed government

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    YES THAT IS MY ONLY ANSWER VIDEO GAMES CAN EDUCATE CHILDREN LIKE ABCMOUSE OR ABCYA OR ACADEMIS.ORG so yea video games can educate children more than you think people and don't delete the soap!
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  • Yes for more interesting school results.

    While some people say that no they should be kept separate id say that the benefits far out way the risks. Not only do i think that you'd get better results from students but they'd be learning whether they think so or not. Most video games are more educational than you would think. Take infamous, you learn the capability of electricity and physics. You say they spend to much time on them then why not use that time productivley

  • Yes, I think that we should have video game centers in school.

    You see while in school we are completely bored, especially when you sit in a desk for 50 mins listening to some teacher drone on and on about history or math over and over again. The truth is that's why most kids don't go to or don't pay attention to school. We're thinking of all the different things we could be doing. In my opinion school is a waste to half the kids that go. We spend most of our freedom years in school and normally don't get out till were eighteen. By then we're expected to go to college or to move out of our parents houses and get jobs and take on the responsibility and stress of adult hood. They have video games out there that incorporate almost all core subjects and some vocational subjects as well. The way we learn the subject represents how well we remember the subject. Think, if we have fun learning something and also get to interact with it in interesting ways
    then we're more likely to remember it than if we were to sit in a desk listening to lectures and doing book work and worksheets.
    Just think on that.

  • Yes, for educational videos.

    Yes, schools should have a video game center to help students learn through playing games. This should only be used for educational games of course, and not as a babysitter. If the games can teach things like math and English, there is no reason not to communicate with students in any way possible.

  • Play at Home

    Thanks! I would first ask ; why at school since students already can play decent, Moral games at home, Learning problem solving skills such as being thorough when seeking something out in a simulation. . . ? I remind you to incorporate time limits and learn away! What fun it would be to play and learn. . .

  • No it should not have an game center

    Because will focus on gaming and not work,educations so i think that schools have made a good decision to not allowed an video game center at school.The students will not learn.Nowadays kids especially teens are so attracted to call of duty because i know its fun to play but that much that student stop concentrating on their work.

  • No, schools should not have video game center.

    In no way do I think that having video game centers in schools would help students learn in different ways. Children these days spend too much time now on Xbox and PlayStation, so having it in school would only lower the United States standing in world educational rankings. Kids would be less focused than they are now in school and it would no doubt lead to arguments and fights in school.

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