• Only if they are better

    Why do we make bathrooms dangerous in the first place? Is it really so hard to give everyone a private cubical with floor to ceiling cover? Do we really need a semi private anteroom for hand-washing in which people can get beat up or worse? Why not just make the part with the mirrors and sinks public and each toilet private (people will probably start washing properly too)?

    If we do these things, There is no need for gender separated bathrooms, But as long as bathrooms feature a bizarre outer room lit and decorated like some psycho-hospital nightmare, Then no, You really don't want to make a woman have to choose between holding it and going in there with some grizzly old man.

    This opinion has nothing to do with trans people though. I firmly believe that if some creep wants to dress up as the opposite sex to sneak into the wrong bathroom to spy, It's not because they are trans, And they are probably going to try it whether we are kind to trans people or not. After all, You can't just start questioning the biological sex of every person who walks into the toilet. What are you going to do, Check?

  • They should be all gender bathrooms

    It's just part of life it part of science if you go to most public pool you will just likely find a boy/girl in the same room as you it won't be that weird. It would start to be normal after a while and no one will care about it anymore

  • It would teach equality.

    If we implement gender neutral bathrooms at a young age, It would teach students equality and there would be less discomfort for transgender people. There would be less issues with the worry of men and women in the same bathroom because they all got taught at a young age that it's unacceptable. It would also help with money because there would only be one bathroom, Which would give more money to other essentials.

  • All gender bathrooms

    I think we need all gender bathrooms because some people might go to the bathroom and when there in there might get mistaken for a boy and that person might get sad about it. People who are transgender might look like a boy/girl so when they go in to the bathroom they might get told off for being in the wrong bathroom. That is my opinion and thank you for reading

  • An all gender bathroom is a stupid idea

    First off I believe there are 2 genders because basic basic science. In an all gender bathroom men have a much better chance at harassing girls for obvious reasons. Why a 50 year old man should have the right to go to the same bathroom as my 7 year old sister is beyond me

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