• I would feel safer

    As a high school student, i am well aware of the horrific events that have taken place across the country. I would feel much safer knowing that there is someone there to protect me. Schools, with all of their rules and policies, are for the most part defenseless. Without armed guards patrolling the building or at least monitoring entrances and exits, students and faculty are essentially helpless.

  • Armed guards are the best protection for our children.

    My dad is an ex-Marine, and I have grown up around guns. They do not "give a false sense of security" or make kids think that guns are the only way they will be safe. They are simply a layer of protection between the people you love and the bad guys. Armed guards in schools are the only way that our kids can truly be safe from all kinds of disasters during their day.

  • Say Yes To Our Children

    If we pay taxes to protect our most important leaders why not our most important family members? They deserve to be protected by trained professionals daily. The best defense is always a good offense against aggressors.
    The idea that it could never happen "here" is little comfort to those that have lost loved ones.

  • Yes, they should have armed guards.

    Having armed security guards protecting America's children in schools is a good idea. It would provide security for the children and teachers without having the teachers needing to carry guns. That would ruin the teacher-student dynamic. If a shooting happens, we can meet guns with guns. Right now we're just meeting a shooter with books and pencils. As we have so horribly witnessed, that is NOT be saving children's lives. Which will save lives? "All weapons are prohibited on these premises." or "staff heavily armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met will deadly force."

  • They protect kids.

    If there is a criminal in a school the guards could protect the kids. If a kid is going crazy the guard could calm the kid down and punish the kid. If a teacher goes crazy the guard can calm the teacher down and send the teacher to the state jail.

  • They will make schools safer.

    Armed guards will see the problem and stop it before it gets to far. For example if a child who was being bullied brought a gun to school, the armed guard would stop him or her and prevent a disaster. A school without an armed guard would probably not have been able to prevent a shooting from happening.

  • Yes it is the best option we have!

    Schools should have guards with guns because it is the best thing to stop people who want to cause trouble. Would you rather have kids growing up with a false sense of security or would you rather them growing up in fear of being shot and then traumatized when their best friend is shot? Even if the school never gets attacked it can help kids to stand up for themselves if they know there is an armed guard.

  • Would you rather have a person coming to your classroom with a gun or him not even getting past the door?

    If somebody broke into a school at least the guard or security could stop them before someone gets injured or even killed! Just because they might misunderstand the fact that guns don't mean safety doesn't mean the they can't be protected! I think that schools should have guards to protect the students.

  • I'm in a high school that recently had a bomb threat.

    There are necessary steps to security. If everyone owns a gun, no one has to worry about their safety because they can defend themselves. Also, the police have psychological evaluations before they go into the force. At my school we have a lot of police on campus already, so the yes side of this argument is winning.

  • Yes, we should have guards!

    I'm still in school and I would rather have a feeling of security than feeling like a guy could come in the school and shoot at us! If a kid is being picked on, an armed guard is going to scare the s*** out of a guy with a gun. You are missing the point! It's not about "What you feel safe doing". It's about what we want. We used to have an armed guard, but budget cuts ruined that. If you think your kids are going to feel unsafe, you're sooo wrong. After the guard left, we were a very mature group. Vote Yes!

  • Armed guards in schools will give kids a misunderstanding of security.

    Children will begin to think that they are only safe if they have a gun around them. So that will obviously lead to them starting to buy guns. Let's say that a person walks up to a guy and asks for direction and the guy shoots him because he thought he was in danger. Is that justice? No, it is not. Children should know that safety is not all about having a gun around them.

  • Absolutely not!

    I don't want my children going to school and seeing men walking around with guns. That is not apart of the education I would like for them. Our schools should not look like prisons. The issue with school shootings should be addressed on a societal level with all guns, not specifically in a school setting.

  • No.

    Armed guards in schools are not a good idea. They will only increase the level of violence in a school shooting if some deranged person has it in their mind to commit such a crime. They will also create an environment of fear for the children that attend the schools, which is not cohesive with a school environment.

  • They don't belong in schools.

    If we post police at schools, then the students at the schools will think this is the only way to protect someone, so in the future, they will be walking around with guns. And guess what their excuse will be? Protecting their loved ones. This is why they should not be allowed.

  • False sense of security.

    Children who grow up with armed guards at their schools will develop a false sense of security. They will think that everywhere they go, they will need a gun. This then adds to the number of guns floating around the public. Children are easily convinced of a lot of things and this will lead them to think that the world is a very dangerous place. Children do not need to grow up with guns, it's just not right.

  • No.

    Where would this line of reasoning end? Armed guards in movie theaters? Armed guards on street corners?

    School violence is only the symptom of a problem. Even if some incidents are prevented, it doesn't fix that something went wrong much earlier in the chain of events that drove someone to violence. So serious repair efforts would need to start at the root, and hope to prevent such occurrences before they happen.

    Armed guards in a school would probably make this root problem worse, not better. Developing children don't need to feel unsafe and at risk everywhere they go.

  • No chance at all.

    If we surround our students and children with images that no matter where they go, they will be unsafe, they will grow up with that exact mindset. We will cultivate a group of future citizens who think that there will always be a dark shadow around the next corner. A wise man once said, "If I trade my freedom for security I should be denied both." We should focus more on therapy and counseling for disturbed individuals and less on weapons of "protection."

  • I believe that we should not have school guards. We have to learn someway or another to protect ourselves...

    We would not have a chance to do anything with them around. Plus we need to learn how to defend ourselves without having someone there for us. We are not going to have someone there for us our whole lives. Personally I don't like guards the don't let you have very much privacy. And just think we will have guards then have no privacy then have to put our stuff through a

  • It's Expensive!!!!! Whoa...

    If there was a security guard at each school, it would cost $138 Million!!!!! In one State!!! I got this from (Startribune.Com) Imagine if you needed to pay that... Also most people on the positive side almost all say.. "Because it's safe!!!" With no Evidence.. You need evidence with everything!!!

  • It's Expensive!!!!! Whoa...

    If there was a security guard at each school, it would cost $138 Million!!!!! In one State!!! I got this from (Startribune.Com) Imagine if you needed to pay that... Also most people on the positive side almost all say.. "Because it's safe!!!" With no Evidence.. You need evidence with everything!!!

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Anonymous says2013-02-28T15:58:25.990
What's going to keep a nut job with a gun away, a sign that says gun free school or a sign that says armed guards on premises. I mean seriously people.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T02:20:02.113
Those who say "no" really do not understand the purpose of armed guards.