Should schools have armed teachers and guards because of the gun violence in America?

  • The recent school shooting is the perfect example.

    Surrendering our weapons to the same authorities that consistently failed is not the answer. The FBI failed on two occasions to take action and file reports despite being aware of obvious warning signs. The county Police failed on 39 different occasions to take action despite knowing he was a potential threat, even when contacted by the district themselves. Four different deputees sat outside of the building and took defensive positions while they knew there was an active shooter on a rampage. Only until units from the other county arrived did they enter the building. It's incredible how Scott Israel blames everyone but himself, even calling for a ban on all semiautomatics when he had the authority to prevent further damage. If the authorities cannot be trusted to take action, before or DURING a crime, why would you surrender your means of protection to them. If some teachers had concealed weapons, a lot of lives could have been saved.

  • People can die

    Okay so imagine your teacher gets angry really easily and if the gun is just there they will feel more compelled to uses it. Whereas without a gun there , they probably wouldn't go through the effort of getting a gun. Also what if a student gets hold of it??? It could mean that an mentally unstable , very young child could get hold of a gun and who knows what sort of carnage that would cause

  • Teachers should not have guns.

    When teachers have guns they could do something like sit the gun down and someone could grab it and shoot. What if a teacher had anger issues and got tired they could shoot. Having guns in an environment is not safe in anyway they belong on the officer of your school.

  • No, Teachers should not be armed in schools.

    This Idea is absurd. Teachers shouldn't have guns and it wouldn't create a safe atmosphere, if anything it would make me feel like I have another threat or watch out for. If anything, school safety should have some training for an incapacitating weapon like "Salt"(google it). But guns around kids, really? And a teachers job is to teach not to carry guns.

  • That is not how problems are solved.

    This is a band-aid solution to a much more fundamental problem. I'd like to begin by mentioning the Florida shooting -did- have an armed guard, as well as many shootings before it, despite this it seemed to have no effect on neither the deterrence or outcome of these shootings.

    That being said, let's say that armed guards and teachers were some how found that they were lowering the rates of school shootings across the US, that would be excellent, but you would have to remember the core problem; that psychopathy and ill, miss, or untreated mental health was the axiom upon which these people came to the state of mind that they would allow themselves to do such an inhumane act, and that will stop at neither taking away guns nor having mandatory arming of civilians.

    A dam does not stop the flow of water.

  • I'm seriously going through a withdrawal at the moment.

    So basically the Conservative stance is that when it comes to improving the infrastructure of the education system then the institution as a whole can go fuck its self. Next thing you know they suddenly want to spend more when it comes to, you know, not actually improving the educational value of these places but instead giving more people guns. If you're going to waste money like this you might as well increase military spending that way these places can get a few anarcho-feminist professors to introduce soldiers to feminist theory.

    I really don't get how the right-wing thinks on this issue. So when it comes to the issue of guns, it seems reasonable to solve the issue with . . . More guns? Erm, okay, let me introduce you guys to the concept of probability. I'm not saying guns are bad or some hippie shit like that, but what I'm saying is that it's simple common sense that if you introduce more guns to more people then you also inherently introduce them to more people that overall shouldn't be wielding a gun.

    Furthermore, what is it with this naivete that we can just blindly trust authority? We're talking about people who have to deal with a bunch of snot nosed twats on a daily basis. Giving these people guns might not exactly be the best idea. Nevermind the absurdity of training people to have skills that have absolutely nothing to do with their profession. It's such an amazing waste of time and money to even create a demand for such credentials.

    "Hey, U.S.A, we kinda already fixed this problem. Wanna give this a sho- oh, you're just going to continue doing the complete opposite of that? Fantastic." Then again I guess I shouldn't be surprised. America's solution for two thousand people dying was to get somewhere around another ninety eight thousand to die in a war. Maybe it's time we admit that America has terrible problem solving skills.

  • No, don't be ridiculous.

    I couldn't even imagine any of my teachers ever carrying a weapon let alone shooting it. Throwing more guns into the mix isn't the solution: it is the problem. You can't fight fire with fire (or in this case FIREarms). What we should be focusing on is not banning guns, but raising the age requirements and making guns harder to get. The government should be regulating/ keeping track of them so they can't get into the hands of people with ill intents.

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