• Yes Fuck yeah

    Shits hype as hell look at that fucking thing god damn, shit makes me hungry. I dunno' why anybody would say no to this unless they hate fun or something, I can't think of any downsides to chocolate fountains they are literally perfect. Whats that? You have diabetes, then don't drink from the chocolate fountain what are you stupid

  • Chocolate fountains should not be used in schools

    Chocolate is a food preparation of cacao seeds, roasted and ground, often flavored, as with vanilla developed in 1900 BCE. Unlike vanilla however, chocolate has a drug-like chemical called theobromide which can lead to rapid heartbeat, anxiety, depression, restlessness, sleep problems, tremors, nausea and vomiting. ( according to ) Chocolate is a versatile food. You can eat it as a confection, as a dip for fruits, as a dessert topping or as an addition to hot beverages, but consumption in large quantities can lead to dangerous side effects including heart diseases and Gastroesophageal Reflux

  • No they shouldn't!!!

    Many students drink zoo much chocolate milk that some schools felt there's no need for strawberry milk but that doesn't mean chocalte fountains are OK. Even tho true moo says their milk is fat free I'm pretty sure strait,up,chocolate, isn't.Plus guys could be very mean and do things with people and a fountain of chocalte.If u got to a chocalte fountain first and a Billie wanted to be first do think they would wait(yes I get it some will wait) no they can be really pushy. And besides what are we gonna put in a chocalte fountain anyway?Straberies?Ice cream? MILK?? What I'm saying is chocalte fountains are useless at schools people might be mean,make even more accidents,even stay there just for the fun of getting away from work and getting chocalte. My name is Tk and that was my closing argument.

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