Should schools have classes with Shakespeare as part of their content?

  • Learning about Shakespeare provides a basic understanding of literature.

    While the language used in Shakespeare's plays may not be appreciated by students in a modern classroom, the themes and characters in these plays are timeless. It is up to the teachers in the schools to relate the content in these plays to modern life, as the plays represent one of the purest forms of art in human existence.

  • Yes, schools should include Shakespeare in their curriculum.

    Schools should include Shakespeare in their curriculum because the Bard of Avon is the foundation of much of Western literature, and his characters and turns of phrase run through daily discourse. Therefore, knowing at least a basic knowledge of his work helps people navigate modern discourse. Students should not have to read a Shakespeare play every year, but they should be exposed to his work both in textual and in dramatic formats.

  • Yes, Shakespeare is a master of human psychology

    Studying Shakespeare does not directly lead to success in the workforce after finishing school. However, reading Shakespeare deepens one's understanding of human motivation and behavior. Human psychology does not change. The passions, desires, even immorality described by Shakespeare are timeless, so discussing them is always relevant. Understanding human psychology is essential in developing human empathy, without which a society cannot survive.

  • Shakespeare should be a part of literature study.

    Shakespeare's plays and sonnets should be studied in school. There is a lot to be garnered from them in relation to character and plot development, Shakespeare heavily influenced later writers. Shakespeare, however, should not be as heavily emphasized in the literary education of students as he has been in the past. Many other writers and dramatists worthy of study have been overlooked in literary education in favor of Shakespeare.

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