• Everyone should be able to do what they love.

    Dance teams at studios have very intense hours that often leave little time for anything else, most importantly school and your school friends. So why shouldn't you have the opportunity to dance with your school friends? There are also so many health benefits to dance including an increase in memory and decrease in stress.

  • Oh Yeah Baby

    I think that dance should be considered as a school sport because it allows you to get a hold of your emotions and express everyone how you feel. Also dance is good for you because it is good exercise to do to help you for your future. That's why I think dance is important to teach.

  • We Love Dance

    I think that dance is a beautiful activity but I can't classify if it is a sport or an art? All I know is that dance is part of your everyday life and I think that you should grasp it. It makes you feel free when you dance along a song.

  • Dance is great too!!

    When you are on your high school dance team, it is important to remember the valuable role you have in your school. Keep in mind that you are a spirit leader. Just as cheerleaders promote school spirit with cheers, you promote school spirit with dance. By being on the dance team, you are a representing your school so you should always portray a positive image for your high school.
    Managing your time between family, school, dance team, and other activities can be difficult, but school should always come before dance. Many teams require their dancers to maintain certain grade point averages to remain on the team. Always prioritize and put your best foot forward in the classroom.

  • It's a sport to!!!!!!!

    Dance is a sport! As well as an art! Schools have cheerleading, but trust me it's not the same. Now I don't want to bang cheerleading, but it's not the same. Dance routines have more things like turns and leaps, while cheerleading has more stunts and happy entertainment. I'm just saying dance and cheer should be equal in schools.

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