• Everyone Makes Mistakes

    Everyone makes mistakes and teens shouldn't have to ruin their life because of their one mistake. They kept the baby, which is noble and they deserve an education just like anyone else. Why is it such a big deal for them to get what they deserve, and education!? Thank you.

  • Help Teens Graduate

    If there are high schools for teenagers who have kids then the graduation rate would go up. One mistake and their life is changed forever. The day care would help the mom and dad finish high school while their child is getting watched and taken care of. The parents would apply for the program but would be worth it in the end.

  • Second Chances Help

    Although many would see this as a free pass for a student the mistake was already made. The student who still wants to make the effort to take care of his/her child while continuing high school should be given the opportunity to do so. Also adding the fact that a program like this does not take care completely of the responsibilities of being a parent but lets them focus on school without worrying about who is taking care of his or her child. The student is no relieved of responsibility because they still hold a position as a parent outside of school and still has responsibilities to tend to in regards to the child.

  • To those not well educated on the subject.

    Not only does it help those students finish their education, but it saves tax money from the high school. If high school drop out rate continue schools will lose over $3 trillion dollars in taxes in 1 decade. So why not implement something that would kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • Teens Can Graduate

    People make mistakes and people deserve second chances so helping the teens with caring for their children is a good idea. Day cares provide care for the children and since it's free and during school hours, the teens can finish high school and graduate. Everyone deserves a second chance even if they made a big mistake.

  • A 2nd Chance

    I am a single mother, I am not looking for anyone to raise my kids. But if there is a free or low cost child care facility that will tend to them while i attend school, THATS GREAT! Parents dont return to school to waist time we dont have. We do it to improve the quality of life our children should have. If your saying no, your concerned with the wrong side of the argument. Stop assuming every single parent is dumb lazy and incapable. For you nay sayers without kids, get back in your lane and learn to think more positively.

  • Helps teens graduate

    If we put daycares in high schools the percentage of teenaged parents that graduate will go up. As a child of a teen parent I'm disappointed in all the people saying that these teenagers that simply made one mistake are stupid and should be left on their own. People like you make me sick. If it was your child I guarntee you would feel a lot different. Take a walk in a teen parent's shoes someday and then say you don't want the extra support for them.

  • High School Daycare

    Although Students should not be having kids at such a young age, It is something that happens all the time. If students feel that they cannot go to school and take care of their kid they have two options giving the baby up or dropping out. If there is a daycare at school that will allow them to leave their child there and get their education. Students will have their diploma and their kid taken care of.

  • Less Drop-out Students

    If we let more highschools do this for their kids there would be less drop out issues. The economy would run easier if there were more people that graduate and get their diplomas. If a ton of kids were dropping out every year, which they already are, that means that a ton of kids are all rushing to go for low-paying jobs that you don't need to go through school to have. Schools should go more throughly through Sex-ED as well but I think this would be a good start.

  • I support it

    I don't really want to write an argument but i believe that just because people have made mistakes doesn't mean they don't deserve the help of other to get back on their feet and provide the best life for their child and themselves. No one deserves to be turned away just for the silly mistake of getting pregnant while young.

  • I hate kids

    This aint floating my boat kids in this country be irresponsible af this aint cool go back to the 70s we were all responsible ydh a hd hz dha hd a dh dh d d hdh dd d dhd d d d d d d d d d d d

  • No school daycares

    If the person was stupid enough to have sex in the first place then they should have to raise the child on there own. Unroll them in a real daycare that you have to pay for. That should teach them some responsibility. A school is for a student to learn not for someone to take care of your kid because you got pregnant at 16-17 years old.

  • Waste of money

    Why should the school be responsible for the carnal mistakes of a teen? It'll get the student off free of charge. It'll take away from their responsibilities.

    Unless the student is paying for the individual care of their own children, there is no reason why this should be a thing.

  • Tax Payer Dollars

    Tax Payers have to pay for the daycare. They have to pay for the toys, diapers, the room, babysitters, and more. Do you want your money to go to teenagers who are stupid enough to have a baby in high school? No, you most likely don't want that to be what your money goes to.

  • Taxpayer dollars wasted!

    It shouldn't be wasting me money because of the fact that its most likely going to come from my taxpayer dollars. That's like saying that I need to pay the price for someone else because they got themselves into a bad car accident and they can't pay off the expenses. Work pays the bills and supports the child. School does not. School gets you a job but high school is for children, work is for adults. I just don't see why they can't get a regular daycare and take their child to that daycare. You made the decision to have sex and that's your problem that YOU should deal with, not my taxpayer dollars. I shouldn't be paying for your mistakes. You should. I would rather have my taxpayer dollars go to something like the military.

  • Why would they?

    A schools is to educate students, not take care for them. Teachers are supposed to teach, not babysit their students. Some schools do have programs for students who's parents job forces them to come home later than others, but it should not at all be mandatory for schools to take care of a child.

  • Gives teenagers a way to avoid responsibility

    If a student at such a young age fails to practice safe sex or have sex any, Then it's their responsibility to take care of the outcome of that decision, Not the school they attend. Tax funding should go to telling kids about how to be safe to avoid the highly pressured topic to minimize the chances of teenagers having kids.

  • Not fair to students without kids

    Money spent on daycare which is usually a choice to have a child cannot be used for scholarships for students who don't have children. Responsible people wait until they can afford a child. Not fair to responsible students and uses money that could be used for scholarships to affect more students. The single mom is probably already getting a scholarship, Now she gets daycare as well. She needs to think before she has babies.

  • Makes Irresponsible kiddos

    NO this is a bad ideas. Would you do this? Sure it might seem like a good idea now, but in the long run, what are they going to do? I do not agree with this and this is absurd. Schools already struggle to afford regular staff as is, but you want to add staff to take care of some irresponsible kids bad decisons.

  • It's benefiting too little people.

    Making a high school day care would be expensive, take space, require lots of labor, and more just for the benefit of a few amount of people. Why can't high school mothers use a public daycare or even better, just take care of the babies themselves at the times that they can? Why should we have to build high school daycares everywhere just for the benefit of about a half percent of the student population?

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