• It will help you improve your grades

    Personally I started to play d and d in 5e it is a great game it would make a great club because you the dm can make whatever happen you can add other elements like science and literacy and it would run smoothly what I did in school was is I made above 15 I have to solve math problems and if I get it correct I get to roll damage and it was still d and d it was fun because it is so close to real life because you don't get everything on your first hit and it will thrash you that life is not fair an example of the game teaching you that is if you don't roll above 15 when there is a pot of gold and your friend rolls a 15 and he gets is that is why I believe it should be taut in school

  • It can be a way to help students with creativity and help deal with personal problems.

    I believe that Dungeons and Dragons provides a perfect medium to improve creativity, Improve improvisation, And can help people deal with their personal problems. Both playing as a character and running a game can help someone improve their creativity by developing a detailed character and act as if they are said character along developing a world that the player characters "live" in. D&D can also help improve someone's ability to improvise in certain situations as each person has to react to the actions of others and the problems the Dungeon Master creates. D&D also lets people escape from the problems they are going through in real life and be able to work out those problems through their character. Someone who feels like they have no control over their lives and the situation they are in can find an escape through D&D, A world where they are the heroes and are in control of what is going on. Another person who is trying to figure themselves out and understand themselves can learn a lot about themselves through creating and playing said character.

  • DnD is a waste of time and there are better things to teach the students at school.

    1. DnD is a waste of time. You spent hours and hours having fun, Some stories can even run for years. It's probably good, But you're wasting your time.
    2. Interacting with only 5 other people is quite inefficient. In my opinion, We need to teach the students to interact with more people with different background and some of them might not have the same hobbies. We need to prepare them to face the real world where things like DnD only serves as a temporary distraction.
    3. Is killing a random person "justified" or "fun"? Some people, Especially those with Chaotic evil alignment, Would do that in the game, And remember, The Dungeon Master cannot do anything to prevent that from happening. If you said that this is your type of helping people to deal with their personal problems then, What's the psychiatrists are for?
    4. Escaping their problems in life is not a solution. It is better to teach them how to solve their problems than running away from it.
    5. We need motivators instead of DnD clubs to teach them how to deal with life's problems.

    PS: I played DnD since ADnD. I played 3. 0, 3. 5, 4. 0, And 5. 0. It is a great way to kill time, But I feel that it is unnecessary and inefficient way to spend your time.

    Posted by: OTP

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