• Yes i do

    I think we should have flags of course the American flag plus the PAW MAW flag because it stands for our fallen warriors and the one and only REBEL FLAG son. Because it stands for our heritage not hate. I'm very big about that flag and i think that we should fly it.

  • Yes, schools should have flags.

    Schools should all fly the American flag. This is a show of unity and dedication to making America better. At sad moments when Flags are flown at half mast it teases students the importance of right and wrong. It teaches children what honor really means. Flags should be mandated to fly at schools.

  • Yes, I believe that schools should have flags.

    I am of the opinion that schools should have flags because it promotes a national identity. It is also my opinion that having flags and conducting ceremonies around those flags be they home state or national promotes unity, respect and signifies that there is authority accorded to the governing body.

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