Should schools have formative (yes) or summative (no) grading systems?

  • Learning vs Memorization

    In the past school grading systems, I felt like it was a memorization test. If I could remember the 50 states of America just for a week, I'd make a good grade. I can no longer tell you every capital in the USA and Canada, and I took that class last year.
    This grading system shows what the student actually earns, without curves or extra bonus help. If a student does not understand the material or has no interest in learning it / disrespecting the teacher, the student should not be able to pass the class. But in the old system, they would have. "No child left behind."
    I like it.

  • No, summative systems allow for more effort.

    No, schools should not have formative grading systems, and should instead have summative grading systems, because a summative system allows a student an incentive for working harder in school. The summative system is a better measure of how hard the student is working in school, and what they have gotten out of what has been presented at school.

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