• A Difference Maker!

    Computers are a difference maker for students. My daughter for instance, an IEP child for the past 6 years. She was issued a MacBook as a Junior fall of 2014. Her reading comp scores put her at 4.6, language same, Math scores of 5 grade. At the end of her Junior year, her special education teacher reported in her IEP, she is now testing at a 7th grade level for reading, and 9th grade for math. She will be a Senior this fall, and is thrilled to join her peers in a pre-algebra class. I am excited to see her blossom...Joint effort between the teachers, the technology, and the learner.

    While I can appreciate those on the camp of back to basics, and penmanship counts, etc, when you have a shy insecure, low self esteem special needs child make this kind of progress in one year, I believe you will see the difference a laptop can make.

  • Technology helps us do things easier.

    Recently, laptops and computers are very important in helping our life especially when doing tasks. When i was in school, my teacher rarely asked us to use laptops. We did the tasks mostly in classroom. I think students should get more access to use laptops because we can search what we do not know in the internet easily. Schools also should facilitate its students who do not own any laptops by providing public laptops at the library.

  • Yes because it helps them get smarter with technology and its easier than writing all day

    It easier than writing all day. You can do math easier with websites and learn how to pronounce words clearer. It'll be a advantage too but I'm saying yes. Its not as tireing than writing all day. And you'll understand things better but you'll still need your teacher. Try first in math it'll help with math

  • Absolutely School Should have laptops

    Laptops would be great if they were allowed in schools. Only if students do not surf the Internet while they are supposed to be working, then they should be fine. It could be very helpful for research for the students, instead of going to the public library. It can also help them as they get ready for college because many college students use laptops

  • Schools Absolutely need Laptops

    Laptops can help the students learn better because they can access the internet which is full of information instead of a plain and expensive book. Why do you need books that are a bit bit expensive when you can have a laptop which is provided for free by the school!

  • My school has over 200 computers we have plenty of computers.

    Schools can have computers but not laptops plenty of students at my schools would gladly steal them and sometimes throw them out the window (not good peeps). They have i pads computers over twice as much diffrent electronics as students they don't need more stuff trust me on this guys.

  • It is unnecessary.

    My high-school recently got a hefty grant, and every student will be receiving MacBooks, as of next year. Already, we have ChromeBook carts that are used in at least one class on a daily basis. I can't find too many people, faculty or students who agree with the changes being made in our school.

    The curriculum based on the computers is what is ruining us all. Suddenly we are using in-class chats instead of talking to eachother, and replacing pencils and paper with keyboards and mice. It is an unsettling sight to see elementary students doing all their classwork on iPads. I often wonder if handwriting will be a lost art, with this new wave of kids growing up glued to a screen, in school and out, and the abolishing of conventional penmanship.

    We've, very unnecessarily and very hastily, removed the traditional classroom with something of a science-fiction movie. If you ask any peer at my school, they'll tell you that binders, and folders, and highlighters, and pens were just fine, and preferred.

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