• Yes they should

    If your child was on drugs you would want to know wouldn't you. What if you had a son has a sports player using enhancement drugs its unfair! I'm 14 and grew up with a sister who used weed and she had no respect for our mother and broke a mason jar over my moms head and she had to go to the hospital. For whom say they shouldn't you all are honestly idiots!

  • Yes they should!

    Even though many people may argue that public schools shouldn't have mandatory drug tests thing about this...
    1. When not doing drugs students can be more focused on studies
    2. Standards in school can be raised when being known that students will focus more
    3. It makes it fair for the students who already try hard for academic grades

  • Drug Abuse is a problem for teens

    Teenage drug addiction and abuse is still a major problem in all states. Drug testing a student in high school and stopping the problem before it becomes a major problem will help them later in life. Drug testing should especially be used in athletics programs offered by the school to stop the use of P.E.D's. By stopping drug addiction at its core it will make the students more focused in schools and will lead to greater intelligence in most students

  • No No No

    I was an honors student who smoked pot. In addition, I was a varsity athlete and involved with the schools music program. I also took college classes when I was in high school. If they would have drug tested me none of this would have happened. For me and many other people I know, smoking pot in high school does not always cause problems for students.

  • NO they should not

    That is invasion of personal privacy and goes against the fourth amendment. Also that would cost way to much money. A lot of schools have over 2000 people ! Look online and find the normal drug test and multiply its cost by 2000 the cheapest i found was 7.90 something thats over 15,000 on drug tests! And who pays for that? The schools can't, and most counties have over 3 high school, and a lot of schools and counties are struggling as it is financially without having to spend over 15,000 on drug tests.

  • No Authority to Test!

    Schools have no authority to drug tests students! And even if the schools were to drug tests, whats the repercussion from a positive test...? Expulsion? Cut from sports? The way MD states laws are now, if an incident occurs where a student on a team should be drug tested because of safety hazards, they will, and the student will be on academic probation as needed. A child's grades have no impact on their academic status, and if they did, it would be a parents concern, not the schools.

  • Why schools shouldn't drug test.

    To start off with the policy violates the students rights to be free from unreasonable searches and this policy preasumes students to be guilty until proven wrong. Anyways students will still do the drugs because one simple drug test proven guilty won't stop them. It's proven that if you drink 2 liters of water the drugs wont be detected therefor the drug testing in school policy is not a good way to go.

  • Drug use isn't inherently bad

    Sure, drugs such as crystal meth and heroin do exist, and they do ruin lives. But most drugs high schoolers have access to, which as a high schooler, I tell you is really only marijuana, alcohol and rarely cocaine. As a high schooler, I can also confirm that lots of us are stubborn and needy, and drug tests would be a waste of valuable time and money because we will always do drugs and always drink alcohol, no matter what our school or parents do.

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