• Yes they should

    I think that schools should have Minecraft because Minecraft is a very popular game ok and yes I think that schools should have Minecraft ok ok because I love Minecraft ok and yes I think that schools should absolutely have Minecraft ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Minecraft is good

    I don't understand why people would not like minecraft. It is a very supportive game, Has educational values, And also sharpens kids' creativity. I don't see why people think minecraft is a bad thing. Ok looks like i need 16 more words, Now 8. . . Why are word minimums even a thing?

  • Minecraft is amazing

    Minecraft is a very supportive game. Anyone can give it a go, And there is so much to learn in the game that can be taken into real life. Children want to play games, Then why not make it fun for them, While also supporting their creativity and their willingness to learn!

  • Minecraft has many education features

    Minecraft has many users and could be useful in the class. Teachers could have the children do certain things in minecraft or the teacher could have the children do anything to see what they have learned from playing minecraft. So minecraft chould be used for anything in the class like building stuff or even surviving

  • For some schools

    I go to chad- charter high school for architecture and design and I actually use it for some simple model making and I can some get new Ideas for different building's using Minecraft but I feel as though it should be used in design school where you use things like pixel art,animation and or architecture

  • Minecraft should be allowed at school because it's educational in all different ways! For example, you can re-make historical buildings!

    Although many don't think the same, many argue that Minecraft is too much screen time because many already play at home for a long time. But if Minecraft is good enough for over 1000 players, its good enough to play at school, I think that Minecraft will be happy to see people at school!

  • Minecraft should! !!!!!!!!

    Everything is awesome when you are on minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also makes you smarter because it is creativity so booooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Minecraft is better the fudging buring books

    Well, Minecraft is a cool game to play and it shows Since 2009, Minecraft has sold over 20 million copies. And if that seems like a typical blockbuster, don’t be fooled — it isn’t. Graphics are boxy and blurry, and sounds are primitive at best.

    So why do kids obsess over it?

    I gather a handful of 5-to-13-year-olds. I want to know why they love about it and what they get out of it. I expect simple answers. But, I find out, Minecraft is surprisingly special.

  • Yesss!!!! Minecraft is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, because it would be awesome to play minecraft at school. Plus, minecraft is a creative game. Students can release their imagination by creating something in minecraft, or killing a chicken by throwing lava at it. I would want to go to school if the school allowed minecraft. That would make schools boss.

  • Helps develop imagination and learn survival skills

    Minecraft helps develop imagination because you could build things out of your imagination and build your dream house that you cannot build in real life, it also has educational value in it because gold is definitely not as durable as wood. Once l bit gold and it made a crack in it. You also need to eat to survive.

  • Low Educational Value

    Don't get me wrong, I love this game! However, I do not think this game is very educational.

    - Some kids are saying there are "survival skills" in this game. Punching trees and making a functioning axes do not work in real life like the game.
    - Distracting for kids.
    - Leave programming to summer paid programming sessions, not public school.
    - Why use art in this game? Kids will just be distracted. There are LOTS of art substitutes, such as voxel and pixel art.
    - People tell about how electricity can be learned through this game. Schools just buy a hands-on electricity kit, which is far more engaging.
    - People just say yes because they like the game, but there is little educational value.
    - Math can just be learned with regular worksheets, a game would be too distracting.
    - Games should stay in the game industry, not the educational system.

  • It has educational value (in fact,all games have it) but it shouldn't be used in schools .

    A game can be unrealistic but if it is supposed to be used in schools it is supposed to be realistic or there would be problems. Minecraft teaches you that gravity only get affected by some blocks.
    It teaches you that you dont have to water your plants.
    Another problem is it is addictive since it is easy and has plenty of things to download and do but not fun. Kids could be applying minecraft to real life and things would get bad.
    You can wear a naked skin or swear in chat too.

  • Waste of money

    Although Minecraft is a good game, the benefits of it being used in schools are not worth the money it costs. There are also only limited things that Minecraft would be good for in schools, and besides, not all students like Minecraft. It is possible that it could provide math benefits, but that is about it, and there is no guarantee that all students who use it will make an effort to get their buildings exactly correct, or even make an effort at all, considering how Minecraft is mainly used for playing around, not professional architecture. Even if students do get benefits (which is unlikely,) the small number of students and the small benefits they gained versus the price that Minecraft costs would definitely not be worth it.

  • Of course not

    It hasn't done anything good for my old middle school. In the technology class there, people waste learning time playing Minecraft. They could be learning more valuable stuff...There is so much to learn from technology. But playing video games instead? That's shameful. Some teachers need to learn how to teach their kids.

  • Alot of us who are saying no don't hate the game

    I like the game alot i just think that its not very educational it does not go very well with education but i don't think it is a bad game maybe schools can have it for once or twice per wekk have it as a subject class is ok iguess

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