• For our generation

    Our generation is filled with children and students on their phones, ipods, laptops, TVs, and etc. What happened to going outside watching children run around play ball and have fun enjoying the sun? Field trips give an opportunity for kids to move around during school hours instead of being stuck in classrooms all day. Not only will they be physically active but they'll also be socially active interacting with classmates and fiends.

  • Schools should have more field trips!

    Reason why schools should provide students with more trips are pretty clear. One, because it gives the students a little free time from all the hard work they in school, all year long. I mean, it's only for one day! Also, because having field trips lets the students learn about the outside world in real life, rather than just sitting in class and learning about them through text books and intranet. Yes, it takes away some learning time, and yes it might cost a little money. However, these little problems shouldn't come in the way of a little fun time. What about all the fund raising money taken from the kids? And all the other extra money the school takes, for "helping others". Some money can be chipped in for at least ONE trip per year for each grade! Plus, students also have to pay for the trip as well.
    I am a 7th grader in Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School. I have been here for two years now, and there was not one trip in these two years so far. Why? Are they afraid we are going to act "wild"? Are the afraid to waste the money on us? Or do they "not want us to waste our learning time" ? This is completely unfair. As heard, friends from other middle schools were provided with at least 3 trips PER YEAR in the last two years, where as, us middle schoolers in Gateway got none.
    Field Trips doesn't have to be fun if they don't want to "waste the children's learning time". There are many place where kids can go to learn about things, and still have fun.
    My claim is clearly reasoned here, and this is why schools should have more field trips.

  • I breaks the routine!

    When i was in 3rd 4th 5th grade i was always Excited to go on field trips now im in 10th grade and since 6th we have not gone on ANY field trips my dad works at the elementy school and i would always ask "How come we have no field trips dad?' and he would anwser "The school thought it was a waste of time and money" that always made me mad!

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  • They are fun.

    It is fun to have field trips, because you can get out of school and have time to relax and have fun with other students. Sure it costs money, but your child can have more friends. And there are fun places to go in the world. Cedar Point, kennywood, Walt Disney.

  • They help learning skills.

    Yes, it helps learning greatly! Children enjoy while learning. That's important to kids. It's the best way to interest kids. And they will learn in a fun way. Make kids enjoy the time they are kids. Going on trips allow kids to be more independent and cooperative in fun and exciting ways of pleasure.

  • They enhance learning.

    Students learn better when their learning is meaningful. Going on field trips allows students to really get into what they are learning. The more they enjoy it and feel connected to it, the more likely they are to understand it and want to work hard at it. Not all learning happens in the classroom.

  • yes because of

    It improves there learning skills. It interests them in a way teachers cannot. They can have a fun time and be learning all without realizing. It keeps the wanting to learn. But if you take to many field trips it could cut into class time. Which in any case would not be good.

  • yes because of

    Schools should take more field for educational purposes it can improve learning skills. It intests the kids in a way teachers cannot. They have fun and don't realize there learning. It's a good way to interest the kids.But if you take to many it would cut into class time. Then they wouldn't learn quite enough.

  • Yes, but only as additional time.

    Field trips are an important part of learning, but they should not cut into valuable classroom time. They should be arranged as extra activities on the weekends or in the evenings so that students are able to get the maximum benefit of regular schooling first and then supplement with field trips and special bonuses.

  • Yes

    Yes, i think more field trips for students would be very beneficial. It show them different things in the community and teaches them in a different way. My own son's school only takes one field trip per grade per school year and it's because they lack funding. If there were more school funding, I think more field trips would also be fun for students.

  • NO because of money virtual trips and time

    Because you can have virtual trip plus the schedule might get mess up and the cost of money and the time were students wont be able get to prepare for tests. Aim age 12 and I have been researching about this,so this is why we should not have field trips thank you for listening.

  • School trips should be cancelled

    Imagine sending your kid to a field trip and they come back with an injury like a sprain or a broken bone? You would have to pay for the cost just because you let your child go on a field trip that was expensive anyways. How unfair was it really worth it?

  • No unless local

    In today's world, it is not safe. My daughter is 13 in Orchestra with an opportunity to go to Chicago for two nights three days. I am not comfortable with it the cost is it way too much when they include going to a mall museums etc.. They don't tell you in the Schedule how much walking these kids are going to do or how well they will be chaperoned while at the mall. I do not want to send my kid alone nor do I have the money to pay for myself to go I don't trust the chaperones that are going and the ratio is way out of whack. I also do not know the chaperones who will be going, or what they are about. They keep the kids all pumped up and excited and then we have to deal with the big letdown and become the bad guy for saying no.

  • Not when parents are not allowed to go?

    I refused to allow my daughter to go to a field trip last week because the area of the city that the event was held is a pretty bad neighborhood. I only know this because I used to live there. It is statistically proven to be the most dangerous neighborhood in this city, that is not my opinion, however a proven fact that was provided by the city police and shared on our local news. I refused to allow my daughter to go without me, and I was given the impression that I would be allowed to go, up till about 20 hours before the trip happened the teacher sent me an email telling me that neither I or any other parent who was not an official "chaperone" approved by the school board with a background check on file. I could go into much further detail about how they refuse to allow parents to get the background check and even after being at the school board office, talking to the principal of the school and offering to pay for my own background check I was lead to believe that not only myself, but a couple of other parents who were concerned about the children's safety were going to be allowed on the trip. Why would the school, the teacher, the school board, or the venue hosting the event not want as many parents as were available and interested to be at the field trip? It is a huge concern of mine and for that alone I believe no field trips is a better solution than field trips in the ghetto with a school who refuses parental guidance and assistance for a huge group of 2nd graders.

  • Simple Mistakes Can Pull Them Apart

    Although field trips may be fun, the fact of one simple mistake can cause the whole field trip to fall apart. Starting from the dangers of field trips to the simple mistake of planning can destroy the fun and the excitement kids may have been holding in since the day the field trip was announced. I am sorry to say this but, I do NOT support the reason schools should have more field trips.

  • Bad field trips

    Costs are way to much it is awful. They go they don't get to do what they want it is bad. To many things could happen . So everyone needs to quit . It makes there test scores get lower and lower. Do u want your kid to get f's or what

  • Because schools have about 3 field trips in a year

    Also children may not have a chance to go to mackinac or a play until they turn 18 or if they ask their parent. But their parents might say no. Thats why i think schools should have more field trips. Another reason is because kids can't always have fun. Or not be able to go out and play.
    Thats why their should be more school field trips! :)

  • More Field Trips

    Because field trips give more learning with out doing a lot of work! Kids have a lot more fun with school if they go on field trips. Field trips are very educational for children especially if they go to fun places that the young kids would enjoy a lot more than the classroom.

  • Field trips or NOT!

    Because I teach in the North eastern part of rural Maine, I find it important to extend my classroom studies for kids by going to a local Lobster research facility, to help with salmon raising and learn first hand about why research is so important to the continued existence of some species of animal and to have my students experience a State Park facility and lands at nearby Schoodic Peninsula. Yes, I can teach all the hands on physical science within my classroom but the best approach to outdoor science for kids in Maine is to experience it out of doors-we study and grow lobsters, clams, salmon and look at sustainability thanks to what is within an hour of our school. And along the way, we encourage kids of their potential to become scientists and stem students beyond our small elementary classroom.

    Posted by: MrsA
  • Students Should Have More Field Trips.

    Students deserve some field trips every year. Some students may think that a field trip is to get out of school for one day but when in reality, we learn, experience and participate in activities that everyday classes won't give us.
    When I was in sixth grade, we went to many field trips. In eighth grade, last year, I didn't have any field trips at all. Although some teacher may think that the budget is low for field trips, students need field trips to learn more information, maybe even information that a regular classroom won't teach the student.

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